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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan County Planning and Zoning Commission approved a conditional use permit for a 30-by-50 foot shop building to be built next to a residence in the Spirit Ridge Subdivision in Ranchester at its meeting Thursday.

The structure will be a pole barn with steel siding and a roof. It will be used by the applicant, Bradley Wieser, as a custom cabinetry shop. Wieser will be the only employee and will not hang any signs on the outside, he said.

County Planner Mark Reid said a CUP was required because cabinet shops are not listed as a permitted use on land zoned urban residential.

The commissioner received three letters from neighbors regarding the shop. The letters expressed concerns including location of the shop, view blockage, increased traffic in the area and machinery noises.

Wieser said when he originally applied to the Home Owner’s Association, he was going to build the shop on the west side of his house, which the HOA approved. He then discovered how “spongy” the ground was there and decided to move the shop’s location to the east side of his house in order to share the driveway, which the HOA did not approve.

“The planning commission is not obligated to uphold the HOA’s standards. That’s a private matter between him and them,” Reid said.

Weiser also said the ridge line of the shop will be 4 feet below the ridgeline of his house, so the view should not be affected too much. As a backyard shop with only one worker, he doesn’t think traffic should increase. Addressing noise concerns, Wieser said he will run a table saw for a few hours each day then spend the rest of the time assembling. He said that the train tracks and interstate are nearby and provide noise of their own.

Wieser said most other people in the neighborhood work, so he is one of the only residents in the neighborhood during the day, and he added that he is the only resident who is there full-time who has equipment to remove snow for the neighborhood in the winter.

Commissioners agreed that the shop would not change the character of the area, which consists of 5-acre lots, and they were not opposed to Wieser continuing his occupation as a cabinet maker, which he has done for more than 20 years elsewhere.

“Good luck with your neighbors. Pull out the snowplow to mitigate,” Commission Chairman Bernie Bornong said.

The CUP was approved 4-0. It will be heard by the Board of County Commissioners March 4.

In other business, the Planning Commission approved a request to vacate 5 feet of a 15-foot utility/drainage/construction easement in the Powder Horn Ranch. The easement will now be 10 feet wide.

The easement was shown as vacated on a map when applicants Marvin and Jinnett Francis applied for a building permit. They built their house 1.7 feet into the easement before it was discovered it had never been vacated even though it was intended to be. Powder Horn officials and all utility companies that use the easement approved the vacation.

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