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So the story goes….Sheridan folk like to put off to the last minute ticket purchases for big events. This event — the 15th annual Wild West Wine Fest — is about a month away and tickets get snapped up early. It’ll be on March 7 at Warehouse 201.

It’s sponsored by the Downtown Sheridan Association, the group that sponsors events like the Christmas Stroll in the winter, the Farmer’s Markets and Third Thursday Street Festivals in the summer; why, they even keep the flowers watered while the visitors (bless those tourists!) remark about how terrific the downtown is.

Tickets and info: Stacie Coe, 307-672-8881.




Recommended reading…

Author Michael Fullilove profiles five men who provided greater intelligence to President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the run-up to WWII, transforming a middling country with a small military and reluctant population to get involved in another war, into a global power.

The five men — Sumner Welles, William Donovan, Harry Hopkins, Averill Harriman, Wendell Willkie — operated not so much as an “inner circle,” but rather as independent thinkers and investigators who were exposed to the greatest circumstances and national leaders of this time. For example, Hopkins reported on Stalin to FDR compelling him to support the Soviet Union against Hitler’s Germany. Donovan told FDR how the British had the national will, but not the armaments to hold out against the German attacks, prompting Lend-Lease. Willkie, FDR’s presidential opponent in 1940, became a central figure in winning over the hearts-and-minds of an isolationist American body politic while at the same time, lifting British morale with his charisma and analytical acumen.

It’s a stirring narrative of how FDR used these men to reinforce and uncover national moods and intelligence before the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor. It’s also entertaining in that these five men, given a carte blanche mission to operate and report back to the president, drove the State Department careerists and ambassadors crazy with their “outside the box” thinking 40 years before the phrase became popular.

Likely, you can get a copy of this good book at our local Main Street book seller, Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery.






“The groundhog is like most prophets; it delivers its prediction and then disappears.”


—William E. “Starbeams” Vaughan, columnist, Kansas City Star, author, 1915-1977




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