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Benghazi debacle confirms same old leftist denial

Re: Eugene Robinson’s column


Eugene Robinson’s column in The Sheridan Press (Jan. 31) proves once again that there are no lengths to which the left won’t go to defend their own, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence debunking their claims.

He suggests that Ambassador Susan Rice’s ludicrous narration about an anti-Islamic video “may turn out to have been correct.” Really? The House Armed Services Committee special report on Benghazi unequivocally stated that the State Department was to blame for the deplorable lack of security which led to the deaths and that the highest levels of leadership in this nation knew within minutes that this was a terrorist attack and not a “spontaneous” demonstration gone awry.

Robinson then attempts to make the case that since the U.S. has “diplomatic and military facilities around the globe” it is “impossible to plan for every contingency.” Yes, but this was Benghazi — a known hotbed of jihadists and this was the anniversary of 9/11. The ambassador had himself requested that security there be beefed up, but, as Robinson himself admits “there is no evidence that officials in Washington ever responded” to these requests. Those Washington officials Robinson alludes to under the cloak of anonymity were primarily Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the highest levels of her security division.

The British knew of the dangers in Benghazi, as did the Red Cross, as did Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his staff. It seems the only people who were unaware that security there was in serious need of an upgrade was President Barack Obama, Secretary Clinton, and now syndicated columnist Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post. But, as Hillary Clinton (in)famously said, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Robinson’s column is a stark reminder of the words of Sir Edmund Burke who famously noted over 230 years ago about such people, “They defend their errors as if they were defending their inheritance.”

Charles Cole


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