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If you’re not a Broncos fan, this week was either entertaining or extremely annoying.

Fans have donned their orange and blue all week. They’ve talked stats and chances, organized parties and made sure guests who plan to attend know that they actually plan to watch the game. No tomfoolery allowed here.

I can laugh this year, as I am not a Broncos fan. I was born in Wisconsin and spent much of my childhood in Ohio. I am, beyond any doubt, a cheese head.

The Packers have been my team for some time. I even had one of those amazing puffy Starter jackets as a kid with Packers colors. My brother’s coat featured the red and black of the Chicago Blackhawks.

As a Packers fan, I’ve had my share of good years. But every fan knows the pain of loss and how the comments of jeering friends only make the wound burn a little deeper. (While another story, as a Chicago Cubs fan, I know this pain all too well).

So, I’ve kept my mouth shut this week. I have no idea what the Broncos’ chances of victory are, though a quick check on Google shows the spread is continuing to increase in favor of the Broncos.

Rather than heckle Denver fans all week, I’ve quietly remembered my excitement for the Packers and prepped for a Super Bowl party this Sunday.

Friends and colleagues will gather around a TV, or two, with food, drinks and cheer. I’ll join them and cheer, though I have not decided what colors I will wear yet. Most football games are fun to watch no matter who is playing, but “big games” like Sunday typically bring that much more excitement.

I’ll also enjoy the many laughs sure to come from the commercials between plays. So far, I’ve seen ads that promise to feature adorable puppies and giant horses, the Muppets, an almost “Full House” reunion, movie previews and so many more we don’t even know about yet.

No matter what your style is — over-the-top Broncos fan, recently discovered fan, or casual observer — enjoy the game.

Also, remember, if a staff member calls in sick Monday it could be because their team won and they haven’t recovered from celebrating.

Or, their team lost and they simply haven’t recovered.


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