Over 3,000 miles cant stop Bronco mania

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SHERIDAN — Super fans everywhere have shown their colors and cheered “time to ride” in preparation for Sunday’s game.

Let us not forget that the Broncos love is so strong here that sometimes, even when you leave, it sticks with you.

Ramon Palacios is currently living in Hawaii with his family, serving his country, but still bleeds orange.

How did you become a Broncos fan?

I grew up as a Bronco fan. I was born in the Colorado Springs area. I moved to Dayton in second grade, went to Tongue River High School until sophomore year and then moved to Sheridan and graduated from Sheridan High School in 1999.

My dad and my grandma are also huge fans.

When did you move to Hawaii?

In 2010. I’m stationed here for he military. There are lots of fans here. They seemed to be coming out from everywhere. Military fans have all kinds of teams but a lot of locals love the Broncos.

Do you have any autographed items?

I have a John Elway jersey but nothing else because my kids get all the signatures.

I see your children are growing up as Broncos fans. How does the love of the team influence your family?

It brings us closer. My oldest twins play competitive football. My family have favorite players on other teams but still bleed orange. I have been to games but the last was in 2009. I like to watch the games on TV and wear my jersey. We’re hosting a Super Bowl party. We won’t lose.

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