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CHEYENNE (AP) — Meet YoLo the Jackalope, the face of the Wyoming Lottery Corporation.

It beat out the bucking horse and other state icons to star as the centerpiece of the lottery logo.

Warehouse Twenty One, a Cheyenne-based marketing firm, designed YoLo and the insignia. The fictitious critter received its name because it is jumping over those four letters in the logo.

The lottery held an open house Thursday at its offices in Cheyenne to unveil the new insignia, inviting guests to familiarize themselves with a figure that will be on lottery tickets, billboards and other ads throughout the state.

“We’re excited about bringing YoLo to life as we move forward with the lottery’s branding process,” lottery CEO Jon Clontz said. “Whether you call him a jackalope or a jackpotalope, YoLo’s a distinctly Wyoming character that will become an instantly recognizable symbol of the lottery.”

Earlier this month, Clontz said he is confident lottery tickets will go on sale in the state in June.

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