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SHERIDAN — There are only two days standing between football fans and the biggest game of the year.

If you’ve tried to buy balloons at Walmart in your team’s colors for your Super Bowl party, you’ve likely noticed the gaping holes where the orange and blue bags used to hang. Sheridan has Broncos fever.

But not all fans are decorating their office, painting their car windows or stocking up on beer for Sunday, because not all fans are adults.

Although Pacey Grover is only 13, his Broncos “man cave” complete with Mile High replica lockers and signed items shows he is no little fan.

What is your most prized Broncos possession?

My most prized possession is my signed jersey with 11 autographs. It’s my favorite because I got it at the Broncos vs. Raiders game I went to last season. I also have two other autographed items; my Bronco head and my football that has Von Miller’s autograph on it.

What’s your favorite moment as a Broncos fan?

I have been to two games in the past three years and I have met many players including Von Miller and Trindon Holliday. My favorite moment as a fan was watching the Broncos stomp the Patriots, clinching their spot in the Super Bowl.

Who’s your favorite player?

Trindon Holliday.

How often do you post on Facebook about the Broncos?

I do post on Facebook about twice a week about the Broncos. But my friends don’t get annoyed because most of them are Broncos fans too. My family are Broncos fans also, and I just followed in their footsteps.

Do you play any sports?

Yes, I play tennis and football.

Do you want to be a football player when you grow up?

No, I want to be a pharmacist at Hospital Pharmacy.

What are you doing for the Super Bowl?

My plans are to put on all my Broncos gear, sit on my couch, have fun and get Broncos crazy!

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