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SHERIDAN — Denver super fans are not hard to find in Sheridan. Enthusiasts like Kay Roush decorate their offices and collect gear to wear all year.

Another Broncos fanatic also has a shrine of blue and orange — some may call it a throne — but in a much more unusual place.

Sheridan resident Lori Roe has a Broncos-themed bathroom, among many other homages to her mile-high obsession.

What started your fandom?

I have been a fan since the day I was born. I’m originally from Colorado and my entire family are fans. Watching John Elway work his magic on the field cemented me as a fan. We bleed orange and blue.

Hobby or obsession?

I know a lot about the team, the players (past and present), the coaches and the organization. Broncos football is a true passion of mine.

Every vehicle we own has some sort of Broncos decal on it from stickers to license plate holders. Even our boat has Broncos stuff on it.

My office has Broncos pictures and the season schedule. We own every sort of Broncos clothing from jerseys, hats, coats, sweatshirts, scarves and socks. My Elway jersey that I wore during the back-to-back Superbowl years still has silly string on one of the numbers as I have never washed it so it would continue to be lucky. I have jerseys from Elway, Lynch, McCaffrey and now Decker. I have a John Elway autograph. My husband Jeff and I used to be season ticket holders. We always stay after the games and wait for the players to walk out so we have met quite a few players and gotten their autographs. I was very excited when Denver picked up John Lynch as he is one of my all time favorite players.

Do you have any pre-game traditions?

Our traditions are to cook something yummy to eat, put on all of our Broncos gear, hang our Broncos flag outside and enjoy the day. We prefer to watch at Mile High but living seven hours away we usually watch from home. During big important games we like to watch with just our family. We want to be able to see and hear everything.

Do your friends ever get annoyed with how much you talk about football?

My “friends” never get annoyed. Only Broncos haters do. During the games I constantly post things on Facebook. I have had people send me thank you posts because they weren’t able to watch the game but could keep up with what was going on due to my posts.

What happens if they lose on Sunday?

They won’t! Go Broncos! Time to Ride! United in Orange!

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