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The state with the fastest growing number of millionaires?

It’s North Dakota.

According to data from Phoenix Marketing International, North Dakota jumped 14 spots in having the most millionaires in its state, from 42nd in 2012, to 29th.

The reason, of course, is all the oil money coming from northwest North Dakota.

“North Dakota is a place where someone can be very wealthy and you’d never know it,” said Bismarck Chamber president Kelvin Hullett. “A Bakken millionaire might have a new truck and may take his wife on vacation.”

The states of Maine and Louisiana were 2-3 in economic recovery and adding the most households with seven-figure incomes behind North Dakota.

Maryland for the third-straight year is the state with the most millionaire homes, per capita, with 7.7 percent of those households having assets more than $1 million, not counting real estate.





Staffers from The Sheridan Press were recognized with awards from the Wyoming Press Association last weekend in Laramie at its annual convention. Photojournalist Justin Sheely won four awards; the other honorees for reporting and writing were Christina Schmidt, Tracee Davis. Graphic artist Nicole Scofield was cited for advertising design.




Of rankings………

Each state has some sort of “shame” statistic, according to and its researcher/reporter, Chris Mills. The data is on the website and Mills uses a collection of health statistics, Census numbers and other qualitative info that is deigned for some tongue-in-check, but there’s a dose of reality as well. (Mississippi, for example, ranks so low in so many categories, it’s hard to pick just one, so Mills picked obesity.)

In Wyoming, it’s the most fatal car crashes per capita —– some 24.6 deaths per 100,000 population. California ranks number one in air pollution. Arizona number one in alcoholism. The highest taxes are in New Jersey; the highest cost of living is in Hawaii.

Oklahoma, they’ve got a good football team and they’re number one in female inmate incarceration. Louisiana — known for its Mardi Gras and gumbo is also number one in gonorrhea incidences. State with the lowest SAT scores? Maine. The state with the worst credit abuse? Arkansas.

Our neighbors: Utah, highest rate of porn subscriptions; Colorado, most cocaine use; Montana, most drunk driving. Idaho, lowest level of Capitol Hill clout.




Winning Police Blotter Item


“At 7:48 a.m., a (911) caller reported being assaulted at a location near the intersection of SW Fort Nugent Avenue and SW Union Street. Then she said she was in a car accident in South Carolina. After that, she changed her story to say she had an abortion three weeks ago. Then she said she was asked to leave a house. She finally said she just wanted a ride to work.


— Oak Harbor (Wash). Whidbey News-Times


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