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DAYTON — Dayton Town Councilors passed on third and final reading an ordinance prohibiting the discharge of weapons — including firearms, bow and arrow, pellet guns and BB guns — within town limits. The ordinance passed 3-2.

Councilors Joey Sheeley and Dennis Wagner voting against it, as they did on the first two readings. Councilors Norm Anderson and Bob Alley voted for the ordinance, and Mayor Bob Wood broke the tie with a vote in favor.

“We didn’t have as much negativity as past meetings,” Wood said. “A couple people spoke about coming up with a different ordinance, but at this stage in the game, we felt like we had a good ordinance.”

Most people who spoke against the ordinance said they were okay with firearms being banned but that they wanted the freedom to shoot bows and arrows, pellet guns and BB guns, Wood said.

The ordinance does state that if a person has a proper area in which to practice archery, they will be allowed to do so and will only be prosecuted if an arrow gets loose and causes damage to people or property.

Wood also noted that the ordinance would not prohibit someone from protecting himself or herself if needed since there are federal laws that allow for self defense.

“I’m definitely not an anti-gun person. I have a couple guns myself. I just feel like there’s a proper place to use those,” Wood said.

In other business, Robin Miller made a presentation about Wyoming Independent Living Rehabilitation services that are available to residents of Dayton. Miller is the representative for WILR in Sheridan and Johnson counties.

The service is aimed at keeping older adults out of nursing homes and living on their own.

It provides assistance for transportation, in-home care and other services that make independent living possible.

There is a qualification process. Anyone who is interested in more information should contact Miller at 461-2229.

At the end of the meeting it was announced that the hours for Dayton Town Hall would change at the end of January.

The hall will go to a four-day week, and will be closed on Fridays. This will allow Town Clerk Linda Lofgren and Town Treasurer Vicki Cotton to work together two days per week, enabling them to learn each other’s jobs and be better cross-trained should one or the other need time off, Wood said.

Lofgren will work Monday-Wednesday, and Cotton will work Tuesday-Thursday.

Wood said the change is on a trial basis at this point, but if it works, it will remain in effect. He said the town hall got a new message machine recently that will inform callers of who to call in case of an urgent matter.

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