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Nobody asked me, but……

All the ongoing noise about Colorado’s new recreational use marijuana law makes one wonder:

Did more young people line up to buy pot — than sign up — for the Affordable Care Act. Both laws are coincidental in a timeline.

It’s those same young people needed by the Obama Administration to make the law workable for the others (read: older).

I’m thinking it’s the former. Perhaps more bang for the buck.




The first luncheon of a new year from the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce is always a big deal. Wednesday’s convention of 170-plus persons at the Sheridan Holiday Inn was no different, led by Chamber President Wendy Smith and Chamber marketing executive Meredith Sopko. The first-of-the-year meeting names the 2013 Chamber of Commerce Awards. To wit:

• Spirit of Sheridan Award: The award recognizes a company who spreads their time, expertise and money around to others in the name of community service. Powder River Heating and Air Conditioning was the recipient. The company early on got behind the efforts of The Food Group, a nonprofit which provides food assistance to the underserved residents of our county.

• The Strength of Sheridan Award goes annually to a company that has been dedicated in serving Sheridan’s marketplace for more than 20 years. This year’s honoree was Hammer Chevrolet. A couple of years ago, Hammer celebrated its 75 years in being a family-owned business.

• The Business Person of the Year Award was won by Ron Kensey, owner of Kennon Aircraft Covers. He was cited by Chamber execs for his innovations and commitment to quality products.

• The Business of the Year Award — and no doubt many of us have shopped there and leaned on them for catering — was Warehouse Market/Killy’s Deli. The business opened its doors 46 years ago.

It’s not easy these days being independent in business. Likely it never was or will be. The hours are long, the customers can often be demanding and continually want diverse and new products and customer service; the regulatory challenges on all levels are daunting. There’s the meeting a payroll and quite likely, the four businesses named above, are always supportive of church groups, local charities, sponsoring softball teams and the like. All are deserving of the recognition.





Some golf quotes, right here in the middle of the cold stuff. (Hey, the days are getting longer and spring is coming.)

David Feherty is a CBS and Golf Channel “color” announcer who is entertaining and often uninhibited of describing what’s on his mind.

• “That ball is so far left, Lassie couldn’t find it if it was wrapped in bacon.”

• “I’m sorry Nick Faldo couldn’t be here this week. He is attending the birth of his next wife.”

• “That green appears smaller than a Pygmie’s nipple.”

• “Watching Phil Michelson play golf is like watching a drunk chasing a balloon near the edge of a cliff.”


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