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SHERIDAN — The Small Business Administration and AARP will sponsor a workshop Thursday that will go over how to start a business.

While the 2.5-hour class is open to everyone, the session is targeted toward people over the age of 50 who may be interested in embarking on a second career after retirement.

SBA Regional Director Amy Lea said the workshop will touch on the process of creating a business plan in addition to key logistical considerations to get a business off the ground.

“This workshop will help them learn what it takes to start a business and gives them a chance to meet resources providers at the SBA, (Small Business Development Center) and successful entrepreneurs in Sheridan who can help as they get started,” Lea said.

AARP statistics show about 25 percent of seniors hope to start a business or nonprofit organization within the next 10 years. While the ambition to take on another job after retirement can be motivated by financial need, it’s also a telltale indicator that people today are living longer — and are in better shape — than previous generations.

The influx of able-bodied retirees itching to keep up their participation in public life has spawned a comprehensive movement dubbed by the AARP as seniors who are “reinventing themselves” via a second career.

Lea said retirement often leaves individuals free to peruse hobbies as a source of supplemental revenue.

“In general, people find they still have things to contribute and they want to be involved and peruse a passion,” Lea said, adding that while retirement ventures can be an uplifting next chapter in someone’s life, they should be approached with due diligence.

“You really want to give that business plan a second look if you’re a little older because you have less time to recover if it’s not successful,” she said. “We want to make sure we help entrepreneurs who maybe have their life savings on the line have given those projections a good look and are competent to succeed with their ventures.”

The SBA exists to serve as an educational resource for aspiring business professionals and also has the capacity to facilitate loans and assist in some contracting endeavors.

“If someone has always thought some day they would like to start their own business, maybe when their children are grown or they retire from their primary career, and they’re ready to explore it, now might be the time,” Lea said.

Sheridan’s “How to Start A Business” workshop, instructed by Small Business Development Center Regional Director Susan Jerke, will be Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Forward Sheridan office at 1981 Double Eagle Drive. Interested students can RSVP by calling the SBA at 261-6500. Pre-registration is encouraged, but not required.

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