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We are all

better than that

Re: Hit and run

To the insensitive and uncaring person who hit the mirror on my parked truck between 6-7 p.m. Thursday.

Someone going south on Main Street across from Sanfords carelessly hit the mirror on my parked truck (right up to curb mind you). The impact destroyed the mirror assembly and you chose not to bother stopping or leave a note.

The people of Sheridan are better than this and so I am going to assume you are from somewhere else where people don’t give a darn about others. Obviously you hold yourself on too high of a pedestal to care about others — I feel sad for you.


Michael Bohne



Remembering Christmas tales

Re: Santa’s helper


Here is a true Christmas story that occurred for a few years back in the 1980s in Dayton.

My husband, Allan Ferber, on one December day decided to become Santa’s helper on Christmas Eve. The first thing to do was rent a suit. The first year, he went to every house in Dayton that had children and gave them a candy cane that, with Mrs. Claus’ assistance (yours truly), had purchased.

He noticed some families did not have the funds for a tree, presents nor even furniture. He came home and asked me to get two food baskets together for Christmas dinner. I did, and he delivered them to the families in need.

The elf helper who guided him to different houses, and helped with the Christmas baskets from then on was Dayton’s great Mayor Art Badgett. The baskets grew to six in a couple of years.

The next few years Santa’s helper and Mrs. Claus’ helper had purchased dolls for girls, trucks for boys and Uno cards for older children in homes where Christmas help was needed. This went on with more children coming from out of town to Dayton to their friends’ or relatives’ houses on Christmas Eve. All children in the house received a candy cane.

In 1987, the Decker Coal strike occurred. Santa’s helper was a striking miner who had lost the holiday spirit so his helper days ended.

In 2003, we moved from beautiful Dayton to South Dakota and he retired in 2013. Merry and blessed Christmas and New Year.


Lynda Ferber

Milbank, S.D.


Grateful for

pheasant hunting

Re: Thanks to WGFD

We would like to call attention to a group of dedicated people that have done an exemplary job of raising and releasing pheasants at the Sheridan Bird Farm.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department crew that serves the farm have managed to provide pheasants for the general public to hunt for decades. They are to be commended for their hard work and innovative methods to raise pheasants.

Nearly all of the Game and Fish personnel from the Sheridan region assist in planting the pheasants in walk-in access area and game management units. They, too, help to give the average Wyoming hunter a chance to hunt.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Access yes Program has opened up hundreds of acres of land for use by hunters and anglers. This program has been a great success and needs the support of every person who uses said access sites.

Again, we would like to give a pat on the back to the Wyoming Game and Fish personnel for a job well done.


Bob Krumm, Kevin Nelson, John Stacy and Chris Newton


Tim Althouser



Don’t go marijuana stupid Wyoming

Re: Proposal to legalize

drug in Legislature


It is hard to believe that anyone, much less a state elected official, would publicly admit to the possession and/or use of illegal drugs, i.e., marijuana, but such is the case with Rep. Sue Wallis, a Republican from Recluse.

Hopefully her colleagues in the Legislature will investigate this in the upcoming legislative session. Perhaps law enforcement should also become involved. Apparently she believes that as a state representative that she is somehow above the law. This is an insult to those voters who elected her to office.

Her proposal to introduce legislation to legalize the use of medical marijuana is in all likelihood being done without any consensus or mandate from her constituents. She also says that she doesn’t have a problem with legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational use. Again, does this reflect the views of her constituents?

Her stance on abortion and same sex marriage do not reflect the values of the people in Wyoming. If there is enough support, these issues need to be addressed using the ballot initiative process so that every voter in the state can have their say. Hopefully the people of Wyoming are intelligent enough not to go marijuana stupid like they have recently done in Colorado.

We will see the results of this new law in Wyoming during the next few months as law enforcement agencies begins to ramp up for the expected flood of marijuana that will be coming into the state. Although it is legal for Wyoming residents to purchase up to an ounce of marijuana from Colorado, it is still a crime to possess it here.

With the influx of this drug into Wyoming we should expect workers to improve in how they function at their jobs and how they drive and we can’t forget how the use of this drug will bring families closer together.


Terry Rehak


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