Hot tea remedy

Hot tea can make you feel good no matter what is ailing you. Have you ever noticed that?

Have you come down with a cold? No problem, drink some tea with honey to soothe that aching throat.

Have a headache? Breathe in the hot vapors and sip the tea down slowly. You’re guaranteed to feel better.

Just kind of down in the dumps? As Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” would say, it is customary to offer your guest, or in some cases make yourself, a hot beverage.

On top of its soothing qualities, tea is quite tasty.

The best tea, in my opinion, is either your basic Lipton’s black tea or some variety of black tea with other spices or flavors mixed into it.

Chai, as most people who know me and the folks at the local coffee shops would vouch for, is my favorite black tea variety. It traditionally has hints of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and ginger. It reminds me a little bit of pumpkin pie. Add a little honey and you’ll have yourself a little slice of heaven.

But on top of its taste and soothing qualities, tea is actually pretty darn good for you. I know, you can find research touting that just about any product is good for you. Thanks, Internet! But, this one is legit.

Apparently tea can boost your exercise endurance, as scientists show that some of the antioxidants in tea increase your body’s ability to burn fat (good news for those looking to drop a few pounds in the new year).

The beverage can also reduce your risk of heart attack, protect against a variety of cancers and even lower your risk of getting Parkinson’s disease.

Plus, have I mentioned how delicious it is? My dad got me hooked on tea growing up (he mostly drinks green tea now), but the habit really solidified itself in college. Late nights in the library and in my apartment studying demanded a source of caffeine that didn’t contain ridiculously high amounts of sugar (like Mountain Dew) or taste funny. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, so tea seemed like the natural choice.

I even have an electric kettle at my desk to get me through the winter (thanks, honey!) so now tea time can be anytime.

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