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SHERIDAN — As another year is about to be written into the record books with the approach of New Year’s Day on Wednesday, Sheridan residents have joined much of the rest of the nation in a little introspection about whether to tackle and what to tackle for resolutions in 2014.

For many, the Year of the Horse on the Chinese calendar will entail classic standbys: eat better, lose weight and exercise.

For others, it is hoped 2014 will bring a brighter attitude.

And for some, the New Year doesn’t mean a thing except to keep a long held resolution to not make any resolutions.

The Press took to the streets to get a pulse on what residents think about the tradition of goal setting — and breaking.

Lisa Rathkamp

King’s Saddlery employee


Do you do New Year’s resolutions?

Rathkamp: I think of them, but I don’t end up doing them.


Rathkamp: Laziness.

Have you done resolutions in the past?

Rathkamp: I have. I quit smoking. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions. I started again, but…

How long did you keep it?

Rathkamp: For a year, and then I went to the bar with one of my friends, and she’s a bad influence on me.

You said you have some you should do this year, but you’re not sure if you will…

Rathkamp: I should, I really should, for my health. It’s just to cut out carbs, mostly. Sugar I’m not too worried about. I’m not that bad with sugar. But the carbs turn into sugar. That’s for Type 2 Diabetes.

What will it take to help you keep that resolution?

Rathkamp: Will power, which is hard. It is really hard because my significant other, he likes his goodies. He likes his cookies, and cupcakes and brownies…


Diana Volk

Local photographer shopping at

King’s Saddlery

Do you usually do New Year’s resolutions?

Volk: I have, and I haven’t. It depends on the year.

Do you have any for this year?

Volk: I guess my biggest one would be to stay in touch with friends more, throughout the year. You know, I always start good, and then it’s all of a sudden I haven’t talked to friends for a long time.

Do you think you’ll be able to keep it?

Volk: Heck, yes! (Said while shaking her head uncertainly.)

What have been some of your best resolutions from the past?

Volk: Well my biggest one has always been to be with God more, and I think that’s an every year one that I have.

Do you have any silly ones?

Volk: The silliest of all is to always lose weight. It’s a good resolution to start the year with, but it doesn’t always finish that way. I have a niece who is a very good goal setter, and she never sets her goals too high. She sets them so she can reach them and yet she has to work to reach them, and she’s actually taught me to do that.


Alex Banks

Former wardrobe designer in Hollywood enjoying coffee at Java Moon

You said you’ve been doing resolutions for a hundred years. Is that a true statement?

Banks: Well, you make them, but you don’t always keep them. But I have taken off weight when I said I was going to. That’s quitting to eat Christmas candy. You have to stop that, you know?

What would you say your best New Year’s resolutions have been?

Banks: My best resolution is to have a good outlook for the future. Always look at positive, never look at negative, and everything will be great in your life.

What do you think makes you good at keeping your resolutions?

Banks: Because if you’re really going to make something of yourself, you should keep them just for the interest of yourself, that you can do those things. Otherwise you make a resolution and you think, “Well, I can’t keep that,” and then you don’t do it. But you have to work at it a little bit, too. I’m not saying I keep them all.


Erin DeFries

Local businessman having breakfast at Red Velvet Bakery

Do you do resolutions usually?

DeFries: Not usually, but I think about them a lot.

Why do you not do them?

DeFries: That’s a good question. Probably you just get too busy in your lifestyle and you overlook things.

You said you think about them, though. What have you thought about doing this year?

DeFries: Probably some of the same everyone does. I need to drop a few “L-Bs,” but keep it consistent. Just do better in your life, in general, in work and family, things like that.

Have you ever made them in the past?

DeFries: Oh yeah, made them and done them. I made a resolution to be a better person and father all around, and that seemed to work out pretty well.

What do you think helped you keep that one?

DeFries: That was easy, with the kids, but I can always be better. Sometimes I do them in the middle of the year. As long as you do them at some point, it doesn’t matter if it’s at the beginning of the year or the middle. You just have to do it when you’re ready. Goal setting helps you get where you need to be and provides some direction. Everybody needs direction, I think.


Rick Robinette

Visitor from Dallas at Red Velvet Bakery


Do you usually do resolutions?

Robinette: Nope.

Why not?

Robinette: I’ve just found that New Year’s resolutions are rarely kept up, and therefore it seems like a difficult task to set oneself up for. The statistical average as far as completion or persistence factored with New Year’s resolutions is not, from my research anyway, is not particularly high.

So it sounds like you’ve researched it a bit. What has lead you to research New Year’s resolutions?

Robinette: I try to be a very organized person myself. It’s not that I’m a slouch when it comes to trying to do things or achieve things. I’ll burn out before I rust out. So a resolution to me at New Year’s time is not really much of a defining factor. For me it’s more expressing an intent year-round with different types of things and then working towards fulfilling that. But it’s not based upon a cyclic time frame or anything else.

Have you ever done New Year’s resolutions, or did you hit a point where you’re like ‘This is dumb. I’m not doing this anymore’?

Robinette: I’ve probably made a few half-hearted ones just out of peer pressure. I don’t fault anybody who wants to do something like that, and I hope it works out for them, but I’m not impressed with the typical outcome of most New Year’s resolutions.


Desi Scott

Wife and mother enjoying coffee at Mid Town Cafe


Do you do New Year’s resolutions?

Scott: I try, but I usually don’t follow through with them.

What would you say are some of your best resolutions over the past years?

Scott: To try to be more positive and complain less and just appreciate life more.

Are you usually able to keep your resolutions?

Scott: If I set an “eat better” or “weight loss” resolution, I usually don’t keep it, but I just try to stay healthy rather than focusing on losing the weight. The resolution probably everybody does every year — lose weight — I’m going to try not to do that one anymore.

Have you had any silly resolutions, ones that make you wonder why you even tried that?

Scott: I think my resolution are going to become to not have any resolutions, so that might be kind of silly.

Why do you say that?

Scott: They say, like with weight loss resolutions, that gym memberships peak in January, and then you go back to the gym in February and you see nobody there anymore because it’s so hard to stick with it. Maybe it’s better to set a resolution of being more positive, and something that’s easy to achieve.

I’ve had a few people say they’re going to resolve not to have any resolutions because it makes them feel bad, frankly.

Scott: That’s a good point. You hit February and you’ve already given up and you’re like, “Well, I’m a failure again.” It may be better to re-evaluate every quarter and say, “What am I going to achieve this quarter?”



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