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Tea Party are

“first responders”

Re: Out of control government

Paul Rand said, “Our Founders never intended for Americans to trust their government. Our entire Constitution was predicated on the notion that government was a necessary evil, to be restrained and minimized as much as possible.”

Consider fire as an analogy. It warms your body, cooks your food, lights up your night and by various means, powers our machines.

Like our government, when it is out of control, it consumes everything and leaves nothing but ashes. I consider the Tea Party to be “first responders” to the perceived conflagration now obscured by the smoke and mirrors of big government.

Mike Kuzara




Robbed of freedoms

Re: ATV ban from Red Grade Road

The Sheridan County commissioners have robbed me of a freedom that I have enjoyed for the past 24 years.

They have robbed all Sheridan County residents who ride ATVs on Red Grade in the winter months by closing Red Grade to ATVs.

Recently the commissioners changed a rule that had previously allowed ATV traffic on the road all year long, including the winter months.

Those winter months are very special because I enjoy going up to the high country in December, January and February to snowshoe and ice fish. The lakes get properly frozen about mid-December and that is right when the new rule the commissioners have adopted shuts me out of using my ATV on Red Grade.

The commissioners have agreed to let snow machines use the trails. The snow machines can leave the trail and deface the snow in every open space on the mountain where as four-wheelers must stay on the groomed trail or get stuck.

The commissioners stated they had a concern that the ATVs would create ruts in the groomed trails in the winter. I am here to tell you the groomed trails in the winter are as hard as any paved street in Sheridan and to say that the ATVs leave ruts during the months of December, January and February when the temperatures are the lowest is ridiculous. Absurd.

I will agree that Red Grade needs to be shut down to wheeled vehicles from mid-March to May because the roads can be rutted badly, but not during the frigid, frozen winter months.

Commissioner Terry Cram agrees that the trail should be left open. He said, “The old rule was working just fine, I did not agree with the commissioners decision to change the rule.”

I say, If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

I encourage the rest of the four-wheeler population to call the county commissioners’ office and complain. Call and voice your outrage about the closing of Red Grade to four-wheelers in the winter.

Fred Schubert


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