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Did you hear about the Buddhist monk who refused his dentist’s Novocain during root canal work? Yep. He wanted to transcend dental medication.




The Notebook Monday collected the last donations of children’s books for the Season’s Readings campaign. For a first-year initiative, I’d give it an A. I’m guessing, but some 2,000-plus kids books were collected and will be distributed by The Food Group.

Thanks to all of our co-sponsors:

• McDonald’s (both locations)

• Java Moon

• Fulmer Public Library

• Sheridan Colleg.




Recommended reading………

“The Son” is one of those big, sweeping epic reads of a multi-generational family that puts down familial, economic and political roots. Author Philipp Meyer has painted a broad tapestry inculcating the fictional McCullough family into the historical expanse that is Texas — multi-race, multi-generational — with land, oil and power at the center of the “greater good.”

It’s available from our local bookstore, Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery.




It was good to see historic, built-in-1893 Sheridan Inn “back in action” over the weekend. It was the host venue for the Festival of Trees. The beneficiaries of the proceeds from the sale of decorated trees, centerpieces and wreaths were the Special Olympics athletes of region IV.

It was also good to bundle up and venture out into the holiday realm of the Trail End State Historic Site. Historian and author Cynde Georgen and her staff had the famous Kendrick home dressed up for the holidays with The Man — Santa Claus — holding court upstairs for some anxious youngsters.

(Sunday, 10 degrees never felt better. After four straight days of sub-zero readings.)




I see by the (rolling) paper……

Come Jan. 1, Colorado will be one of two states that will have legalized, recreational-use marijuana. (Washington is the other state.)

The pot smoking referendum was voter driven and The Denver Post, whose slogan is, “The Voice of the Rocky Mountain Empire,” has created the position of Marijuana Editor to supervise coverage.

“Marijuana is going to affect politics, culture, crime, food,” said the Post’s executive editor, Gregory Moore. “The world is going to be watching us and we want to do a good job on the story.” Ricardo Baca, 36, has been with the Post for 12 years as a music/entertainment editor before taking on the new challenge. He is in the process of hiring a marijuana reporting staff, including the position of “marijuana critic.” Baca admitted using marijuana as a credibility issue and pledges the news coverage of the Post will go beyond the state’s “stoner culture.” The Post has HR policies against marijuana use while on the job and Baca says he will adhere to company rules.






“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


—Winston Churchill, British prime minister/statesman, (1874-1965)


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