SCSD2 board of trustees right to endorse cyberbullying legislation

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Several weeks ago the Sheridan community was abuzz with talk of a Facebook page that allowed anyone to anonymously comment about other people.

It centered around high school students, though Sheridan College students have a similar site. Some comments were harmless. Some were a little raunchy and others were downright mean.

Parents and school administrators expressed deep concerns about the website and filed complaints with Facebook to have the pages shut down. It worked. Temporarily.

In response to outcry from their elders, students simply started a new group on the popular social media website. It looked like what could be a never-ending cycle of pages being shut down and new ones being started.

Then, something interesting happened. The chaos calmed and people stopped caring. And, now, few people post to the site. Like most fads with teenagers, this one flamed out.

But, it is admirable that Sheridan County School District 2 trustees voted to encourage legislators to put into place laws that would allow law enforcement to act when websites like these get out of hand. The resolution was to be presented to the Wyoming School Boards Association for consideration and then forwarded to the Legislature.

The resolution read, “The Wyoming School Boards Association supports amending existing legislation to provide law enforcement the ability to intervene whenever any communication is transmitted, whether physical, electronic, or verbal occurs with the intent to coerce, demoralize, harass, or cause emotional distress to a person.”

Perhaps with a little education, and a little teeth in a law that allows police officers to do their jobs, students will be less likely to hide behind anonymous statements online.

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