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SHERIDAN — The city of Sheridan has declared an emergency snow route alert to go into effect at 8 tonight.

City staff requests no parking on posted snow routes until the alert is lifted, which is estimated to take 48 hours or more, depending on snow conditions, City Engineer Lane Thompson said. Crews will begin snow removal at midnight.

Emergency snow route alerts allow the city to plow curb to curb on main thoroughfares through town, which carry more than 2,000 cars per day, as well as on hills and other hazardous areas.

Snow routes are marked with signs that say no parking when a snow route is declared. Hazardous locations include hills, major intersections, areas of traffic and pedestrian congestion, school zones and other critical areas.

Vehicles parked on marked emergency snow routes when a snow route alert is declared will be ticketed and towed to the nearest street not designated as an emergency route.

An emergency snow route alert remains in effect until the city lifts it. Once emergency routes are plowed, the city will begin to plow curb to curb on uncleared streets.

For citywide snow removal, the community is divided into a series of zones from which snow is removed on a rotating basis. Each zone moves up in priority during the next snow event. For example, if one neighborhood was first for snow removal in the last snow event, it will move to the end of the rotation for the next event.

For more information on snow removal routes visit:

Check back here for updates on emergency snow route alerts.

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