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One for the books. Shoppers got the jump on The Stroll. It was good to see downtown sidewalks filled with would-be Santas Friday afternoon.

For good reason — sunshine and 59 degrees. More than one shopper mentioned Saturday afternoon — short sleeves and Christmas shopping.


(The belt in Friday’s blue jeans went into the same hole as it did Wednesday. Mister Thanksgiving, cheated you again.)




The annual Goodfellow Fund kicked off Monday. John Rotellini of Bank of the West, longtime shepherd of this program, stopped by for a photo with Capt. Don Warriner and Lt. Kim Warriner of The Salvation Army. The Press’ marketing director, Phil Ashley, was also in the photo.

The Goodfellow Fund dates to 1958 when a forerunner to Bank of the West and The Sheridan Press wrote checks to the Goodfellow Fund, monies which are donated to The Sheridan Salvation Army. The intent: clothing, food and toys for the underserved.

That first year, some $783.60 was raised. Last year, it was $10,075.

If you are interested in participating — any amount is appreciated — drop your check off at the Press office, or at Bank of the West.

Thank you.




The Notebook has a few Auburn friends. They had the market on “smug” Monday morning around offices, given that unbelievable finish against Alabama Saturday. To wit:

• “Hey Nick (Saban), got a second.”

• Kick Tide, Kick. (Variation on Roll Tide, Roll.)

• Roll Tears, Roll. (More of the same.)

• “You angry? You need a second?”




From the email transom……

Grandparents, defined (According to 8-year-olds)


• They don’t say, “hurry up.”

• Grandparents don’t have to do anything when we come see them. They are so old they shouldn’t play hard, or run.

• They can take their teeth out of their mouth.

• When they take us for walks, they slow down to look at pretty flowers and bugs.

• When they read to us, they don’t skip. They don’t mind reading the same story over again.




Season’s Readings is entering its last full week. I’ve been huffing and puffing, doing the collections, and I’m guessing it’s well over 1,000 books.

If you’ve got some gently-used children’s books you’d like to part with, drop them off:

McDonald’s (both stores). Sheridan College. Java Moon. Fulmer Public Library. The Sheridan Press.

Books will be collected and distributed to underserved children by The Food Group.




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