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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan Recreation District board discussed the weed and mosquito program at length during their regular meeting Wednesday.

Presented with renewal of their yearly weed and mosquito agreement with the City of Sheridan, the board discussed the expanding areas that the SRD is responsible for what with the addition of South Park and North Park in recent years, and the possible budget issues this could create for the SRD.

“As we add these open areas,” board member Scott Hininger said, “it takes more time and it takes more money,”

Board member Casey Osborn posed the question of why the SRD runs the Weed and Mosquito program in the first place, when there are county and city entities capable of working together as one. He said he’d like to see better communication between the programs.

He was clear that he did not want to eliminate the work the Rec. does, but perhaps merge the SRD program with the City Parks Department.

The City Parks Department is new under mayor Dave Kinskey’s tenure, and the Weed and Mosquito program shifted to the Rec. about 10 years ago under mayor Jim Wilson.

Rec. director Richard Wright pointed out that the SRD has developed the Weed and Mosquito program into a reliable subsidy in their budget, with the program offsetting things like the annual Kendrick Pool loss.

Board member Alex Lee said he would like to discuss the issue with City officials, but would first like to make sure they don’t take a positive program away from the SRD, creating budget problems.

He said that if the SRD Weed and Mosquito program would like more money from the City to compensate for the additional workload, with the current tight times, that the SRD be sure to be specific when requesting addtional funds in terms of mapping growing areas and further budgeting chemicals.

The board also approved their financial report from the 2012-13 fiscal year after a presentation from their auditors, Jamie Newbrough of Rucki, Marshall and Newbrough CPAs.

Look for more from the meeting in Friday’s paper.

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