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SHERIDAN — Sheridan city councilors will have the chance to cast a different kind of vote in coming weeks.

Following a presentation by representatives of the Sheridan Public Arts Committee at their meeting Monday, councilors were invited to vote for their favorite of 20 on-loan sculptures set up around downtown Sheridan.

Artists from around the nation participate in the program, which has been active since 2002. The on-loan program supplements the Public Arts Committee’s 59 permanent sculptures it has on display around town.

On-loan sculpture entries are received in December and chosen by February each year. New sculptures are displayed from June through May.

Sheridan Public Arts Coordinator Beth Holsinger told city councilors that professional artists have told her that Sheridan’s sculpture loan program is “top of the line.” ­­

Holsinger said instigating the City of Sheridan Best Sculpture of the Year Award will make the program even more top notch because artists appreciate having the opportunity to win an award they can include on their resumes.

“I’m excited, and I’m glad we got asked to do it,” Councilman Levi Dominguez said. “I think for one thing it gets us out, gets us to walk Main Street and part of that downtown Sheridan area and see all the beautiful things that are going on.”

Dominguez said he hopes having a competition for the on-loan artwork will encourage more artists to seek out Sheridan as a beneficial place to display their work and try to win an award.

“I think that will bring forth more artists, and we’ve seen a lot of great artwork come through. I’m just excited to get out and walk that with the family,” Dominguez said.

City Councilors will cast their vote by Dec. 2.

In other business, the council approved by a vote of 6-1 a renewal of a limited liquor license for the WYO Theater and the Sheridan Land Company, Inc./Beaver Creek Saloon #6 liquor license. Councilman Robert Webster voted against the liquor license renewals as is his custom each year.

Council also voted to approve 6-1 a renewal of a retail liquor license for Matt Wallop of the Northern Wyoming Restaurant Group pending reinstatement of active status on the license by the Secretary of State by the end of the month. If active status is not reinstated, the liquor license will return to the city of Sheridan, City Clerk Scott Badley said.


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