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Parents relentlessly tell their kids on class photo day: “Smile.” Who doesn’t recall this admonition?

Researchers, likely with a lot of time on their hands, have determined that people who smile in college class photos are more likely to have had happier lives, enjoyed more success, divorced less, that sort of thing. All this, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal. Those who were grim-faced or gave the photographer a “stoic look” are at a disadvantage, said researchers. (Stoicism, noted in the story, is the look someone gives you at a cocktail party that says they’re bored with your conversation.) There was no word in the study about high school yearbook photos and smiles.

Furthermore, according to this research, baseball players who smiled in the 1950s baseball cards — some say it was a “golden age” of baseball — lived longer. The average age of a smiling ballplayer was 80, a non-smiler, 73. Willie Mays, the “Say Hey Kid” always wore a smile, though his teammates often remarked on his moodiness. Mays is still living at 82.

So the next time you’re in a class photo (or a party) ….well, smile.

(My college yearbook photo, for the record, looks like one of those four-photos-for-a-quarter photo booth pictures, but there’s a grin, albeit goofy.)


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I see by the paper…..

One of baseball’s best franchises, the Atlanta Braves, is on the move again. Earlier this week, the team announced it was moving from downtown, citing all kind of issues (read: poor, urban decay), to Cobb County, a southern suburb that arguably has the worst traffic in the world. Think New Delhi.

Turner Field is just 17 years old and was a huge improvement from Fulton County Stadium. (Our family watched the Braves play there several times, including a notable Father’s Day game with the Astros’ Nolan Ryan.) Turner Field was built for the 1996 Olympics; locals call it “The Ted.”

It’s the fourth move in the franchise’s rich history. Some good trivia:

• Atlanta has third highest elevation for a baseball franchise, behind the Mile High City’s Colorado Rockies and the Arizona (Phoenix, elevation: 1,117 feet above sea level) Diamondbacks. The new stadium in Cobb County will be at 1,041 feet.

• The only major league baseball team that never had a losing season? The Milwaukee Braves.

In their 13 seasons in Milwaukee (1953-1965), they were 1,116-890. They were one of the top teams year in, year out in the National League winning one World Series and two league pennants.

• Hall of Famer Eddie Mathews is the only Braves player to suit up in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta.


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