Dayton Town Council OKs new flood plain map, regulations

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DAYTON — Dayton Town Council approved on first reading at its meeting Monday a new flood plain ordinance that includes adoption of new Flood Insurance Rate Maps and revised rules and regulations regarding development in the flood plains around Dayton.

Ordinance #384 will replace the town’s old flood plain ordinance and could “significantly impact building and remodeling in the flood plain for Dayton,” according to a public notice released by the town of Dayton following the meeting.

The ordinance is based on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s model regulations for minimum requirements regarding flood plain management, Dayton Mayor Bob Wood said. Adopting the new FIRM maps is required by FEMA to maintain eligibility in the National Flood Insurance program.

The new ordinance is available for review on the town’s website at and at Dayton Town Hall. The new Flood Insurance Rate Maps are also available at Town Hall. Second reading will be Nov. 20, and third and final reading will be Dec. 2.

Wood said there were two people at the meeting who had questions about the new ordinance. He said no significant concerns were expressed.

Members of Dayton Town Council also discussed a draft of a lease agreement with Verizon. Verizon is seeking to install a cell tower on town land near the Tongue River Valley Community Center.

“The hope from Verizon is that it can cover more of the mountain area,” Wood said.

Wood said the tower would be similar to the tower recently installed at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds, approximately 80 feet tall with no light on top. Verizon would be responsible for maintenance of the tower. The council discussed that there is room for the tower without disturbing any of the town’s needed use area.

Dayton is in negotiations with Verizon on details of the lease, particularly regarding the dollar amount of the lease, Wood said.

“Verizon coverage is terrible out here. It’s very spotted. Verizon is very enthused about putting it in,” Wood said.

If the lease is approved, which will likely require a Conditional Use Permit, the tower is expected to be installed in February 2014.

In other business, Dayton Town Council:

• appointed Councilman Bob Alley as its voting delegate at the winter Wyoming Association of Municipalities conference. Wood was appointed as the alternate delegate.

• approved a contract with the Sheridan County Conservation District for use of a 500-gallon drum for disposal of used oil. Dayton contracts with the conservation district each year for use of the drum. Wood wished to remind town residents that the drum can only be used for disposal of used oil and no other chemicals.

• approved Dooley-Jelley CPA as auditors for the Town of Dayton.

• received word that the Wyoming Attorney General’s office has approved the Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board, which will be working to bring natural gas to the Tongue River Valley. The first meeting of the joint powers board will be Nov. 13 at a time to be announced.

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