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Obama staffers

provide deniability

Re: Rath letter, Press, Nov. 2

Dale Rath has done a superb job of listing the scandals and hubris of the Obama administration in his letter “Lying or Incompetent?” I would like to take the analysis one step further.

First, consider the current health care debacle. President Obama told an SEIU gathering in 2007, “I’ve long been a supporter of single payer.” He admitted that there was likely no direct path to that goal, but rather it would require some time and a few intermediary steps. In typical Saul Alinsky fashion, Obama staffers are already beginning to blame the policy cancellations caused by the Obamacare mess on private insurance companies. In this way, they hope to secure the justification they need to press for what they’ve really wanted since FDR and Harry Truman — a nationalized, “single payer” system such as the British National Health Service (NHS) and the Canadian model fashioned after the NHS.

Second, as to some of the scandals highlighted by Mr. Rath, one of them is potentially very dangerous to this president. Consider the basis for President Richard Nixon’s impeachment — he was caught using a federal agency (the CIA) to spy on and harass his “political enemies” and to assist in the Watergate cover up. Now fast forward to the documented instances of the IRS having harassed conservative political action groups in the 2012 campaign by denying or delaying their tax exempt status and otherwise interfering in the exercise of their rights to engage in the political process. The key difference is that Nixon had direct knowledge of his infractions whereas Obama has been shielded by subordinates from allegations of direct involvement, thus allowing him to claim he “didn’t know” or “found about this in press reports.”

It does seem strange that the national “news” media seem quite ready to continue praising Obama as one of the smartest men on the planet while unquestioningly reporting his claims that he “didn’t know” about all the scandals and embarrassments surrounding this administration. Perhaps we might add “deceitful and conniving” to the “lying or incompetent” options provided by Mr. Rath. The track record is starting to become clearer and clearer with each passing debacle.



Charles Cole



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