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Code development

moves city forward

Re: Songer story, Press, Oct. 29


We would like to extend our thanks to Brian Songer for his service to the Sheridan community and wish him a grateful “fare thee well” in his future endeavors.

Sheridan has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years with respect to understanding and implementing the International Fire Code and the applicable NFPA standards in our new construction processes. We have been witness to this growth and transformation for the past three years as a locally owned fire protection contractor. It is refreshing to have such knowledgeable and concerned personnel as we have in our city building department.

Congratulations to Nic Bateson and the building department for their collective achievement in organizing and facilitating a concise, accurate, and community safety minded building construction process. We are encouraged to see Sheridan moving forward with the implementation of the new building codes as well as the advances in fire protection/detection plan review.  No system installed has a greater opportunity to save lives than that of the fire protection/detection systems. We are proud of the attention to detail and educated code implementation we see through our building department processes, from plan review to installation inspections to acceptance testing oversight. Sheridan is a safer community thanks to the efforts and commitment of our building department team.


JD Gamble



Is the president lying?

Or is he incompetent?

Re: NSA, IRS, Obamacare, Benghazi, other

• If you like your doctor; you can keep your doctor. Period! If you like your health insurance plan; you can keep it.Period! How many times did we hear President Obama announce this? Every family will see an average decrease of $2,500 in their yearly premium.Now we are finding out from IRS documents that in 2010, the administration knew that none of these claims were true. Lying or incompetent?

• Obamacare requires changes in coverage that are not wanted or needed. Example: Men and women of all ages must have maternity and pediatric coverage in their policies. If they don’t, the policy is canceled. People are finding that new policies have triple or quadruple previous premiums and deductibles are going from $1,000 to $10,000 or more. More coverage for less cost we were told. Lying or incompetent?

• When “Fast and Furious” came to light and two border agents were killed along with untold numbers of Mexicans. The president said he knew nothing about it. Lying or incompetent?

• When Benghazi occurred and four Americans were killed due to lack of security, the president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denied knowing anything about multiple requests for additional security which had been ignored or turned down. Lying or incompetent?

• When the IRS scandal came to light, the president and IRS officials claimed they knew nothing about the targeting of conservative groups. Lying or incompetent?

• When the NSA scandal broke, the president and administration officials claimed to have no knowledge of the extent or depth of data gathering. Lying or incompetent? When the monitoring of communications of European heads of state came to light, again the president claimed to have no knowledge of the program. Lying or incompetent?

This is reminiscent of Sgt. Schultz from the old “Hogan’s Heroes” TV series. I hear nothing! I see nothing! I know nothing! This man holds the most powerful position in the world yet he and his staff are either totally incompetent or compulsive liars. Realistically speaking, one man cannot be expected to know every detail of every program. But!

If he is any kind of leader it would not be unreasonable to expect him to know details about at least a few of the programs his administration oversees. We are now witnessing the most dishonest, corrupt and incompetent administration in the history of our country.



Dale Rath



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