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Thankful for WYO, Local talent

Re: ‘Cabaret’ on stage


My wife and I attended Friday night’s presentation of Cabaret at the WYO Theater. I would like to thank everyone involved with this fantastic production.

Sheridan is blessed with an amazing amount of talent and your commitment and dedication to putting on a truly remarkable performance is very much appreciated. The WYO Theater is an important asset and I am thankful that we have it. I look forward to the next production put on by our local talent and I would encourage anyone who has yet to attend a performance to do so in the future. I cannot imagine Sheridan without the WYO Theater.


Brad Mohrmann



Vote for the Capital Facilities Tax

Re: Upcoming projects


The Capital Facilities Tax vote is coming up Nov. 5

This tax is meant for specific infrastructure projects in all of Sheridan County and the communities of Sheridan, Ranchester, Dayton and Clearmont.

Over the years we have all seen the improvements provided by this tax. We have driven on new roads, bridges and streets and all drank clean water or used a bathroom with upgraded sewer lines. These projects have enhanced our community and provided much needed improvements for the citizens and businesses in these areas.

Upcoming projects this tax will help provide funding for include the North Sheridan Interchange, which will be seen by millions of people over its lifetime, street paving in Clearmont, street reconstruction in Ranchester, a lagoon project in Dayton and numerous roads in Sheridan County. All of the citizens of Sheridan County will benefit from these projects for years to come.

The tax money we generate can be leveraged for additional dollars from various state funding sources to help pay for all of these projects.

Some of the opposition to this tax has been that is does not directly fix their road or work on their street, but I would say that it has fixed a street of your neighbor, friend or relative. It has done a lot of good over the years and will continue to do that for many years to come.

Please join me in voting in favor of the Capital Facilities Tax.


Randy Bomar

Supporter, Citizens for Infrastructure Improvement

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