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Beliefs and demagoguery

Re: Letter, Press, Oct. 22


In today’s Sheridan Press, a letter writer opines that Obamacare will this and that. “I believe. . .,” and “I don’t believe. . . .”

The problem with beliefs is that they require no basis in fact, and in that regard, often spread untruths, mere opinions — even demagoguery.


Osea Nelson



Cap tax provides

useful infrastructure

Re: Ballot referendum, Nov. 5


I am writing to support the continuance of the Capital Facilities Tax. I was involved with the use of the first Capital Facilities Tax, which was passed by the voters in 1989 to construct the regional water project and other projects in Clearmont, Dayton and Ranchester. The city and Sheridan County pooled their share of the cap tax to build the water project, which amounted to just over $19 million. The eventual cost of the water project, once constructed, amounted to approximately $60 million, which was accomplished by utilizing the cap tax to match several state and federal grants. So, you can see the impact that the cap tax has in bringing in additional funds to all of us to build great projects and keep people employed.

A similar situation will occur with the upcoming Lewis Street bridge project in Sheridan. WYDOT must replace this bridge due to its substandard condition. While the area is torn up, WYDOT has asked the city if it wants to install a pathway beneath the new bridge (to link the Big Goose Creek pathway to the main Goose Creek pathway at Mill Park) and replace the old cast iron water pipes, clay sewer pipes and deteriorated streets in the area. By having the cap tax monies available, the city can pay to have all of these other improvements performed simultaneously with the bridge construction.

Continuing the Capital Facilities Tax makes good sense for all of us.


Dave Engels



Public officials always

spend taxpayer money

Re: Nov. 5 Cap tax vote


There will always be projects that the Capital Facilities Tax funds could be spent on, but that is not the issue. Elected officials, whether at the local, state or federal level of government, will always find ways to spend taxpayers money; always.

The issue is that many of us are fed up with increased taxation, increased spending, bigger government, and more regulations in our lives. Our message has been clear — to cut spending, reduce taxes and regulations, decrease the size of government and more personal responsibility. Local, state, and federal governments need to live within their means.

For instance, why did the county’s planning department recently spend several months on developing a riparian habitat management plan that would deprive property owners of some control over their property, only to have the county commissioners vote it down (the right decision)?

There are too many employees in the department, with too much time on their hands. Does Sheridan still send a city parks and recreation department employee to the dog park along Sheridan Avenue to clean up behind the dogs from the previous day (something the dog owners should have been doing, not our ta money)?

Is there really a funding shortfall in the county? Apparently not, as the county commissioners decided to split the Sheridan College bond issue election from the Capital Facilities Tax election at a cost of $42,000 more. Two special elections only two months apart. A logical decision would have been to hold one election at a cost to county taxpayers of $42,000, rather than the $84,000 that has to be or will soon be spent. Otherwise, the two tax issues appears to be a ploy at deceit and deception right out of President Obama’s playbook.

For those of us who own property, we already pay taxes on that property and the improvements therein for the maintenance, replacement and operation of our community and county’s infrastructures. Why should we assume another tax on top of what we already contribute of our incomes?

Our message is clear: no more taxes. We want our elected officials to keep their hands out of our pockets and out of our lives. Join me Nov. 5 and vote no to the Capital Facilities Tax.



George and Willa Walker



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