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Feral cat study

Re: Krumm letter, Oct. 19


I don’t want to belabor the argument about Trap – Neuter – Return programs being used world-wide to manage feral cat colonies. Mr. Krumm quoted a very flawed published paper written by researchers at the Smithsonian Biological Conservation Institute and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

In the paper, it was estimated that free-roaming cats (stray, abandoned and feral cats, along with those pet cats allowed outdoors) kill 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds each year in this country.

Now, credible estimates put the total number of land birds in all of North America in the vicinity of 4.7 billion.

As pointed out by Peter Wolf in Best Friends magazine (July/August 2013 issue) “you don’t need a biology degree to know that if — as the paper suggests — U.S. cats were really killing up to 76 percent of North America’s land birds every year, there simply wouldn’t be any of them left.”

The journalists who reported on the study created negative media attention, but they overlooked one error after another. The paper is too extensive to quote the discrepancies here, but further information can be accessed on the Internet.

Those who are of the opinion that the way to control numbers of feral cats is to round them up and kill them are, hopefully, fewer in number to people who care for animals and want to do the right thing. Trap – Neuter – Return does work. It’s been proven in cities across the nation. Jacksonville, Fla., San Jose, San Antonio, and Albuquerque to mention a few, have had great success with the help of grants and the residents of their communities.

Mr. Krumm’s statement that “House cats, free roaming cats should be neutered and vaccinated” is absolutely correct.

If responsible owners had done that there wouldn’t be the problem with feral cats we have now.


Rita Rohrbaugh




Liberal agenda about power and control

Re: Parrott letter, Oct. 19


Regarding the letter to the editor published in Saturday’s paper.

What a defense of Obama!

Isn’t Obamacare destroying jobs? I believe it will destroy our medical system. The government is involved in so many thing they have no business being in, like education.

Too bad we told God to get lost. No Bible in school, no mention of His name, etc.

What about the IRS scandal and Benghazi and the doubling of food stamps eligibility? And disability?

No these programs really help or make people dependent on the government instead of developing their own God-given talents?

I don’t believe in the liberal (many Democrats) agenda. Isn’t it all about power and control?


Jan Maier



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