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SHERIDAN — Members of Sheridan City Council voted to approve a rezone on Val Vista Street, to reject all bids on the Northwest Water Loop Grading Project and to approve a revision to the city’s flood plain regulations in order to maintain eligibility in the National Flood Insurance program at their meeting Monday.

The rezone would consist of nearly 17,000 square feet of property west and south of Zowada Plumbing, located at 724 Val Vista St. between West Third and West Fourth streets. The zoning would change from R-3 residential to B-1 business.

The primary reason for the rezone request was to bring zoning consistency to the block, Planning and Development Director Robert Briggs said.

The council must pass two more readings of the rezoning ordinance.

Councilors voted to reject all bids received for a grading (dirt work) project on the Northwest Water Transmission Main project along Yellowtail Drive.

Project Manager Joe Schoen said the original project was going to have to be completed by April 2014 to comply with the scheduled deadlines for Sheridan College’s Large Animal Science Facility that will be built on the site.

The tight deadline lead to only two companies bidding for the project and both bids coming in approximately $200,000 over the engineer’s estimate of nearly $850,000.

While city staff reviewed the project and bids, Sheridan College alerted them to a change in project scheduling that lengthened the deadline.

With more time to complete the project, city staff recommended re-bidding the project to see if more companies would bid within the engineer’s estimate.

At this time, the Large Animal Science Facility is slated for design and construction in mid-summer 2014.

City councilors voted to approve Ordinance 2140, regarding revisions to flood plain management regulations, on first reading.

Accepting the revised ordinance and new Flood Insurance Rate Maps is required in order for the city to maintain eligibility in the National Flood Insurance program, which is a federal program that allows all residents in Sheridan County to receive a 10 percent discount on flood insurance, City Engineer Lane Thompson said.

“The meat and potatoes of the new code is the same, but a lot of the ‘legalese’ is taken out,” Thompson said.

The biggest change to the code is a requirement that all development is required to be one foot above base flood elevation, Thompson said.

Mayor Dave Kinskey asked Thompson to circulate the revised flood plain code to Big Horn Homebuilders, contractors and RV Parks in town to allow those who will be most effected to have input.

Thompson noted that the revised code consists of only the minimum federal requirements and must be passed but that he would seek input from contractors as requested.

At the end of the meeting, city councilors approved going into executive session to discuss employment negotiations. No action was taken following the executive session.





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