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Cartoon offensive

Re: Oct. 2 Press Opinion page


Probably a huge majority of people who pay more than casual attention to the news and world affairs have seen the YouTube video of the gruesome beheading of Nick Berg by Jihadis in a basement somewhere in the Middle East.

The political cartoon you chose to run on the Wednesday, Oct. 2 Opinion page was in extremely poor taste. It was specifically designed to allude to the American Tea Party’s parallel to one of the most despicable and cowardly acts committed in recent history.

Surely you can do better.


Mike Kuzara



Failure of government

Re: Shameful behavior


The House failure to negotiate budget differences with the Senate through normal processes was shameful. If the President gives into this hostage taking it will only encourage more shameful behavior.

This shutdown is the fault of the Republican House. They could have had a budget anytime they wanted through negotiation but couldn’t get the budget they wanted. Therefore the speaker deliberately prevented negotiations to force us to this point to hold the nation hostage to their demands.

It’s time Congress got back to work on the economy; to create jobs we need with sufficient wages to support our families and our country.


Mel Logan


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