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SHERIDAN — Sheridan’s emergency responders attended to a house fire Friday night at 1480 Stonegate Drive, which is owned by Bill and Katherine Getter.

Sheridan Fire-Rescue Marshal Brian Songer said the initial knockdown of the attic fire took about an hour and a half, but crews were called back to the scene later that night because the fire was threatening to reignite.

According to a press release from SFR, the fire originated inside a chimney facade made of rock and mortar and encased in a metal chimney enclosure. The fire encompassed much of the home’s ceiling and attic.

The home’s residents were alerted to the fire by their smoke detector and a neighbor who saw the flames and gave a warning.

Firefighters from SFR and Goose Valley Volunteer Fire Department arrived on scene at approximately 8:30 p.m. and had the fire knocked down within an hour and a half. However, cellulose insulation within the structure reignited after crews had left and firefighters had to be called back to the scene to stop the smoldering.

Songer clarified Monday that crews from SFR remained on the scene to monitor the building after the initial blaze was knocked down while Goose Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Rocky Mountain Ambulance, and Sheridan’s police were dismissed from the scene. It was then parts of the building began to smoulder and reignite, and GVVFD was called back to the scene to help stop the spread of the fire. The scene was not left unattended when it began to reignite.

“They had to remove all insulation from the area, take it outside and water it down,” Songer said, adding that he appreciated the tremendous assistance his department received from GVVFD.

“Those guys were up all night helping us out, and they made a significant impact on the outcome of the fire,” he said.

He added that firefighters were on the scene until 4 a.m. Saturday chasing down hot spots and removing large sections of the ceiling to extinguish the fire.

Songer added the house accumulated extensive fire damage and is not habitable.

Sheridan Fire-Rescue crews also responded to several calls due to trees that had caught on fire when they fell into power lines.


Editor’s note: This article was edited at 8 a.m. Tuesaday to clarify that the fire was not unattended when it started to reignite.

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