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Re: Compairing cartoonists


The editorial cartoons appearing in the Sheridan Press reveal much about the mentality and tactics of the left. To their credit, the SP usually alternates between a conservative cartoonist named Lisa and a far left winger from the Chattanooga Times Free Press named Bennett. Their latest offerings are illustrative of their approach to molding public opinion.

In the October 1st issue of the SP there appeared a cartoon by Lisa depicting a polar bear standing in front of a full ice chest labeled “Arctic Ice” along with a character depicting Al Gore up to his waist in ice holding a sign reading “The Earth has a Fever.” Pretty humorous, actually, especially when one considers that it was Gore who proclaimed in 2009 that the polar ice cap would likely be completely melted and New York City under water in “about 5 years.” It was a humorous way of pointing out to all but the “true believers” that the earth’s mean temperature hasn’t risen in over fifteen years.

Contrast that modality with the work of Bennett. In the October 2nd SP, he ran a cartoon showing a victim (wearing Uncle Sam trousers) lying off to one side bound in ropes and a caricature of a “right winger” sporting a mask and holding a bloody knife with the word “Shutdown” on it and clad in a shirt reading “Don’t Tread on Me” (an obvious reference to the Tea Party). The tag line below read “Blame those who failed to meet my demands.” All quite in line with the leftwing media’s depiction of Republicans in Congress as bomb-throwing, crazed, right wing extremists who want to starve children and wreck the economy in the current dispute over government funding. Republicans are also often mocked as irresponsible buffoons for daring to hold positions contrary to Obama, as noted in Bennett’s cartoon of October 4th where a Republican is depicted as a baby wearing a diaper with a pacifier in his mouth.

Folks should know whence this modus operandi emanates. During my career, I had to read various Soviet publications (from the 1960’s through the early 1990’s), one of which was entitled Krokodil (Russian for crocodile). It was supposedly a “humorous” publication, but it was page after page of America represented by things such as an Uncle Sam figure sporting bloody vampire teeth and holding starving children in one hand and a stack of military missiles it the other, to cite but one of thousands of examples of such over-the-top calumny.

The point here is twofold: (1) Folks like Lisa at least base their cartoons on facts such as Gore’s direct quote, whereas the likes of Bennett always put words into the mouth of their opponents while mocking their actions and distorting their intent; (2) This is nothing new for the far left. They learned it from the Soviets who learned it from the European Socialists of the 19th Century who adopted these tactics (among others) from their progenitors in the bloody, ruthless French Revolution of the late 18th Century.

As President Harry Truman once noted, “The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.” It’s important to put these things in proper historical context since the latter explains a lot about who the left is and where their tactics originated.


Charles Cole,



The word length for letters to the editor was waived with this submission.

Both cartoonists, Lisa Benson and Clay Bennett, are syndicated by The Washington Post Writer’s Group.

Mr. Cole is a retired Department of Defense employee who lives in Sheridan.


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