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SHERIDAN — It was a messier than usual edition of the annual Pat Hamilton Memorial Sheridan College rodeo

The Generals continued their strong start to the season as they finished third. The Lady Generals were ninth at the team’s host rodeo Saturday and Sunday at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.

Heavy rains Friday soaked the arena, pushing back events to Saturday, there wasn’t a clean competitor in the field at days end, but SC head coach Marc Gilkerson said he was happy with the decision to scrap Friday because, in the end, it left everyone on an even playing field not having to compete in the rain.

“The stock was really good, the cattle and the cows all ran good and held up for shortening three days down to two days,” he said.

“I was impressed that we got it all in with no hiccups or glitches, it was a lot of work, the kids worked hard getting all the cattle sorted and loaded,” he said. “We could have had hiccup there and everyone stepped up. Cody Wulff did a good job with the neck rope and Devon Smith really helped with cattle. They both helped a lot.”

While an encounter with the muddy arena was unavoidable, five Generals saddle bronc riders stayed up and reached the short round Sunday. After starting the year winning the event at the first two rodeos, Zeke Thurston split first in the long round was fourth in the short round and split second and third in the average. Dillon Barkshire placed fifth in the long round in saddle bronc, he placed third in the short round and split second and third in the average with Thurston.

Taygen Schuelke had another tough weekend in the bull riding, as he was bucked off Saturday afternoon in a slack round that saw just two riders avoid splashes in the mud. He was tenth entering the saddle bronc short round and placed second in the round and sixth in the average. Kash Deal and Sutton Sandquist qualified for the short round, but were each bucked off Sunday.

“The bucking horses did what they did in the mud, they don’t perform as well as they normally would,” Gilkerson said.

Tate Schwagler was second in the bareback riding and after placing sixth in the short round he took fifth in the average. Cash Hetzel qualified for the short round in the team roping with team member Cashlee Cunningham, but Hetzel was unable to catch in the short round.

Cunningham qualified for the short round in the team roping and goat tying, struggling with conditions Sunday and failing to place in goat tying.

“The ground was real sticky for the goat tiers and barrel racers, but Annie Novotny was second in the long round, the short round and the average, so it didn’t affect her much,” Gilkerson said.

The Lady Generals were led by Novotny, who was second in each round of the barrel racing and second in the average. Due to a clerical error she was not placed on the Lady Generals team sheet and her points did not go toward their team score. Gilkerson said the mishap was due to a busy weekend being made more difficult by the weather.

Teddi Schwagler split third and fourth in the long round in the goat tying had a tough go in the short round and finished fourth and fifth in the average.

“The girls all did well, with Cashlee making it back in two events, Annie did well, Teddi is sitting right there in the goat tying. They’re tough competitors and they’ll be ready for Lamar.”

The team heads to Lamar College Thursday for the second to last rodeo of the fall season.

The event brought competitors from 12 colleges out of the Central Rocky Mountain Region.

“I think it was just better for all the contestants to go when the sun was shining, the weather was a lot better Saturday than Friday, and it gave everybody a level playing field,” Gilkerson said.

Sheridan native Devan Reilly of Gillette College used his Sunday afternoon ride of 79-points to win the bareback riding event. Team-wise, the University of Wyoming won the rodeo for the men and Gillette’s men’s team finished second.

53rd annual Sherian College Pat Hamilton Memorial Rodeo
Total payout listed, then event winner and time followed by Sheridan College placers and times
Saddle Bronc payout: $1,015
1. Jade Blackwell Gillette College 66, 74
2. Dillon Barkshire Sheridan College 62, 69
3. Zeke Thurston Sheridan College 66, 65
6. Taygen Schuelke Sheridan College 49, 73
7. Kash Deal Sheridan College 59,-
9. Sutton Sandquist 37, –
Bareback payout $770
1. Devan Reilly Gillette College 66, 79
5. Tate Schwagler Sheridan College 71, 68
Bull riding payout: $980
1. Neil Williams Casper College 76, 76 (only rider to register score in short round)
Tie down payout: $2,500
1. Seth Anderson Gillette College 13.7, 10.2
Steer Wrestling payout: $1,680
1. Ty Oilerich Casper College 5.7, 6.3
Team roping payout: $6,300
1. Derek Weinreis/Levi O’Keefe Eastern Wyoming College 8.6, 6.6
8. Cashlee Cunningham/Cash Hetzel Sheridan College 9.7,-
Barrel racing payout: $3,010
1. Alicia Eaves Eastern Wyoming College 18.85, 18.69
2. Annie Novotny Sheridan College 18.89, 18.75
Goat tying payout: $1,680
1. Amy Tierny Chadron State College 7.8, 7.5
5. Teddi Schwagler Sheridan College 8.0, 8.4
9. Cashlee Cunningham Sheridan College 8.5, 12.3
Breakaway roping payout: $2,940
1. Kaylee Reimler Casper College 4.5, 3.8

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