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A green ash tree in Sheridan County has been designated as the largest tree of its species in Wyoming. The tree is located on property owned by Dave Clarendon about 15 miles east of Sheridan. Clarendon took basic measurements of the tree and submitted the nomination to the state forestry department, which sent out a forester to verify the measurements.

“I just happened to notice this one and thought it was a pretty nice tree and my suspicions were correct,” said Clarendon, about the tree. “There’s an actual calculation you can do with a tape measure; it isn’t hard at all. My measurements were pretty much right on the number, they just came out and confirmed what I told them.”

The Wyoming Champion Trees Program, administered by Wyoming State Forestry Division, is designed to identify and recognize the largest living specimen of all native and the most common introduced tree species in Wyoming. The program’s website notes that while Wyoming is considered a “prairie state”, trees have always played a prominent role in the quality of life in Wyoming and the Wyoming Champion Trees Program builds awareness of how trees contribute to “the good life” in Wyoming.

Clarendon’s tree measured over six feet in circumference and is 53-feet tall. The previous champion ash tree, located in Wheatland in 2001, measured 52-feet tall and 6-feet three inches in circumference.

“Green ash is native to our riparian areas in some areas of the state, mainly the northeast part of the state,” said Wyoming State Forestry Community Resource Forester Mark Ellison. “It is a fairly fast growing tree, not as much as a cottonwood for instance, but it is much more longer lived tree than a cotttonwood or aspen.”

For more information about the program or to nominate a champion tree, contact Ellison at 307- 777-3626. More information about the champion tree program, including instructions on how to measure a tree and submit it for consideration, can be found by clicking community forestry under the forestry tab at the Wyoming State Lands and Investments website at


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