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First things first….. He proposed; she accepted. That’s how these things work. (If I recall correctly.)

Sheridan Press news staffers Hannah Wiest and Justin Sheely are going to tie the knot in marriage. Hannah is the Press’ government reporter; Justin is our photojournalist.

Incidentally, Justin will be having a photography show starting Tuesday at the Sagebrush Community Art Center/Sheridan College Main Street. The reception is Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. The show also features the photography of Roger Appell.




Susan and me spent a week in central California with some longtime friends. We have traveled to the San Diego area and to the San Francisco/Half Moon Bay/wine country areas a few times, but never in the central part of the start. Morro Bay, to be specific. Our pals walk to the beach, are near Cal Poly U., in San Luis Obispo and have short drives to all kinds of attractions — wineries, live entertainment and such. Our friends – one a retired education administrator, the other, a retired BLM manager, have “transitioned” successfully from the working life to the “leisure” class with grandkids handy as well.

There are plenty of seaside communities nearby and in addition to whale, sea lion and seal watching, there’s a slew of touristy adventures. Why, there’s even an office – in a professional plaza with many “healers.” One offers “advice” for a charge. Soooooooo California, eh? (Usually the advice I receive is “free.”)




If you see One of Life’s Good Guys, Ada Kirven, out and about tomorrow, say something nice like: Happy Birthday!




Thanks, Todd Helton.

A classy guy, number 17 of the Colorado Rockies, tipped his hat to a capacity crowd at Coors Field Wednesday night in his final home game at bats. Helton went out in a Roy Hobbs-like script — homering, doubling and driving in three runs, but in a loss to the Red Sox. Helton is one of those guys who should be in the Hall of Fame — .317 lifetime batting average, 369 home runs (to date), 1,406 RBIs, On Base Percentage, .414. He had five seasons – 1999 to 2005 – that stack up against anyone’s. He’s a five-time all-star; a three time Gold Glove Award winner.

Some chirp that his power numbers don’t compare to other inductees, that the thin-air of Coors helped him. Yet, baseball needs decent, “old school” guys like Helton in Cooperstown to rinse away some of the steroid stink. He was the 17-year face of the franchise and that, too, is unique in this day and age.




The San Francisco Chronicle reports how an Oracle employee ran up a $33,540 bill on a company credit card at a Bay Area strip club. Oracle refuses to pay; the “gentleman’s club” is suing. One night the employee ran up a “services” tab of $16,490. He must’ve been impressed because two nights later, he returned and added another $17,050 in credit card swipes.

The credit card charges included a corporate discount. (Always an up side.)




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