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Shop local

Re: Hail repair


Our mayor has always been very vocal about supporting your local business in Sheridan. Well I am being vocal today.

After our hail storms in late May/early June a semi work truck “Hail USA” showed up in the old LBM parking lot on Coffeen Avenue. PDR (paintless dent repair for hail).

There was a lot of hail damage to vehicles so there seemed to be enough hail repair for all of the local body shops in town.

Now that the hail repair is slowing down, what do I see Friday?

The city of Sheridan police vehicles are getting their hail repairs done at Hail USA — which is not a local repair shop.

What happened to “support local” in Sheridan? Is it because they are under cutting the cost of repairs?

I do not know who approves where vehicles go for repairs, but just another case of definitely not local. Just another pot calling the kettle black scenario.


Shelley Anderson



Would like reverse osmosis system

Re: Fluoridated water


After seeing all the money spent to push fluoride into our drinking water there should be enough left over to help pay for those who would like to install a reverse osmosis system. I do not find this unreasonable.


Betty Alden



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