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SHERIDAN — The Wyoming Community Foundation of Sheridan-Johnson Counties has awarded a combined $28,500 to five different nonprofit groups in the area. Sheridan County’s beneficiaries were the Dog and Cat Shelter and Children, Horses and Adults in Partnership.

According to a media release from the WYCF, the $10,000 awarded to the Dog and Cat Shelter will be used to build a separate area for puppies, who are more vulnerable to weather and diseases.

Currently, puppies at the shelter are frequently exposed to the general stray population housed in the building.

The release also said CHAPS will use the $2,500 it received to provide scholarships for clients who could otherwise not afford to participate in therapeutic riding activities.

WYCF CEO Samin Dadelahi said the gifts were made possible by the contributions of several private foundations.

“The community foundation, in many ways, operates like a group of private foundations under one roof,” she said. ” Companies can designate funds for certain geographic areas, and then a local affiliate board makes decision about who gets the grant in that area.”

“Local people know what groups need funding the most and are in a position to make that decision,” Dadelahi said. “The primary consideration for the local board is community need. They look at where dollars are most needed and can make the most impact.”

The Sheridan/Johnson County board reviews grants and makes awards two times per year.

Johnson County nonprofits who received funds were the Buffalo Senior Center and the Johnson County YMCA, who each received $10.000. The Wellness Council of Sheridan County also got $1,000.

Entities that contributed to this award cycle are the William J. Kirven Jr. Fund, Sheridan-Johnson Opportunities Fund, Sheridan-Johnson Area Endowment Fund, Meredith Family Fund, Kim and Mary Kay Love Family Fund and the Ellis and Nellie Patch Endowment Fund.

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