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SHERIDAN — Some Sheridan High School and Sheridan Junior High ceramics students are getting the opportunity to not only have their work viewed in public, but used for a more practical purpose as well.
SHS and SJHS students are making bowls for the Volunteers of America Northern Rockies “Filling an Empty Bowl” fundraiser.

The event benefits the Community Shelter for the homeless. Attendees can take home the bowl after eating a soup dinner.

The SHS and SJHS students have created hundreds of bowls for the event.
“It’s a good skill building exercise,” said Sheridan High School ceramics teacher Ginger Morris who along with Mary Lawson’s Junior High ceramics class are making the bowls. “They each have to create 10 bowls and it gives them a chance to do a high quality product.”
Morris said that the classes have been making the bowls for the fundraiser for the past few years and this year they have been working on it for the last three weeks.
“Mrs. Morris is a great teacher and once she taught us how to do it, it was really easy,” said Shania Channel, a junior who is in her second semester of ceramics.
Channel said there are a variety of designs for her bowls, and each are about six inches deep and about seven inches in diameter.
“Most people taking ceramics like to express themselves artistically,” said Michael Rotellini, a senior who is in his sixth semester of ceramics. “When I heard about the chance to make a bowl for the VOA. I jumped on it.”
Besides improving their ceramics skills, Morris said there is a greater benefit to what they are doing — helping those who are in need.
“I think it gives them perspective and makes them think about how their work is viewed in public,” Morris said. “They are doing a good job of that (making the bowls.) But because they are donating them, it gives them something else to think about.”

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