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A first; well, many “firsts.” Next week, nationally recognized artist and local philanthropist Neltje will begin a mural inside the new Edward A. Whitney Academic Center on the campus of Sheridan College.

A first mural, the largest work of her career and a first time that Sheridan College art students can observe a “live” mural as it develops.

It will cover eight panels on canvas on the wall that connects the Whitney Center to classrooms nearby.

Neltje’s art is held in numerous collections that include the Smithsonian Institution, the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne and the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings and in private collections as well. Born in New York, she moved to Banner in 1966, and baught a ranch. In 1967, she bought the Sheridan Inn, restored it, and operated the Sheridan landmark for 8 years. In 2001, she created the Jentel Foundation, an artist residency program on her ranch. The Jentel Foundation has expanded to include residences for artists and writers. Three years ago, she made an estate gift of her ranch and other holdings to the University of Wyoming.




In all of the books about Lincoln, few address his role as commander in chief as well as James McPherson’s book, ‘Tried by War.’ There are more than 16,000 books in print about our 16th president.

It’s in paperback and I found it last month at the bottom of a book bin: “Books that I’m going to get to. Someday.”

Lincoln’s the only president whose entire term was filled with (civil) war.

McPherson, who won a Pulitzer for his ‘Battle Cry of Freedom’, explains how Lincoln became a self-taught battle strategist because of his inept generals. Lincoln had to endure the “professional” generals who were overly cautious and didn’t want to lose, and the “political” generals who came from state militias and were politically connected through a divided Congress. Lincoln was able to balance some dire consequences in order to save the union and win re-election to finish the job. Lincoln often chastised his generals for their poor leadership, but would not send the admonishment, instead tucking it away in a drawer. His patience tried mightily and often. He later found a competent trio – Ulysses S. Grant, William Sherman, and the underrated George Thomas – that brought the war to a close.

“Grant has the bear (Lee) by the hind leg, and Sherman is skinning it,” was one of many anecdotes Lincoln would tell visitors to illustrate progress.

One revelation. Lincoln is the only president that holds a patent. In 1849, Lincoln invented a system to lift boats over shoals and locks to better navigate waterways. It is U.S. Patent No. 6469.




Real Estate in California


“Looking for inspiration? This church is located in a residential estates zones with views. Bring your tools. Zoned for exotic animals.”


—Pasadena (Calif.) Star-News, real estate listing

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