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SHERIDAN — The Sheridan High School boys tennis team played three rounds of one-set tennis with Gillette Saturday.

Reed Ritterbusch went 2-0 in his two sets of singles play, also winning a doubles set with junior Adam Berry.

Lachlan Brennan also won both of his sets for Sheridan in singles play, winning his doubles set with Tristan Gamble 6-3.

Sheridan dropped the first round of one-set matches 12-3, but the Broncs won 10 sets to Gillette’s six in the second round of play.

In doubles play, the Broncs won three sets while the Camels took five.

Both the Broncs and Lady Broncs dual Natrona today at SHS, starting at 3 p.m.

Sheridan vs. Gillette Saturday at SHS
Round One: Singles (One Set)
1.    Adam Berry vs. Gabe Beldin: 1-6 (L)
2.    Reed Ritterbusch vs. Sam Coler: 6-3 (W)
3.    Tristan Gamble vs. Beau Nutting: 4-6 (L)
4.    Turner Martini vs. Camdin Hinkle: 4-6 (L)
5.    Logan Garstad vs. Jacob Vetter: 6-4 (W)
6.    Lachlan Brennan vs. Kyle Oakray: 7-6 (7-5) (W)
7.    Robert Meixsell vs. Cory Myers: 3-6 (L)
8.    Tom Terry vs. Aaron Swan: 2-6 (L)
9.    Avery Ellis vs. Andrew Hays: 4-6 (L)
10.    Sam Sanders vs. Logan Myers: 5-7 (L)
11.    Mecallen Garneau vs Brett Dally: 2-6 (L)
12.    Jaxon Porterfield vs. Timmy Hays: 0-6 (L)
13.    Tyler Phipps vs. Caleb Pettigrew: 5-7 (L)
14.    Jaden Magestro vs. Brad Spurlock: 3-6 (L)
15.    Alex Bennett vs. Tanner Russell: 4-6 (L)
Round Two: Singles (One Set)
1.    Adam Berry vs. Sam Colter: 2-6 (L)
2.    Mecallen Garneau vs. Paul Vincent: 6-1 (W)
3.    Reed Ritterbusch vs. Gabe Beldin: 6-2 (W)
4.    Turner Martini vs. Jacob Vetter: 6-3 (W)
5.    Logan Garstad vs. Camdin Hinkle: 2-6 (L)
6.    Tristan Gamble vs. Kyle Oakray: 0-6 (L)
7.    Lachlan Brennan vs. Beau Nutting: 6-2 (W)
8.    Robert Meixsell vs. Logan Myers: 4-6 (L)
9.    Sam Sanders vs. Cory Myers: 6-3 (W)
10.    Tom Terry vs. Tanner Russell: 6-0 (W)
11.    Alex Bennett vs. Aaron Swan: 7-6 (7-4) (W)
12.    Jaxon Porterfield vs. Brad Spurlock: 0-6 (L)
13.    Avery Ellis vs. Caleb Pettigrew: 6-3 (W)
14.    Tyler Phipps vs. Andrew Hays: 1-6 (L)
15.    Jaden Magestro vs. Brett Dally: 7-5 (W)
16.    Jaden Magestro vs. Tim Hays: 6-4 (W)
Round Three: Doubles (One Set)
1.    Reed/Adam vs. Beldin/Colter: 6-4 (W)
2.    Logan/Turner vs. Hinkle/Vetter: 4-6 (L)
3.    Tristan/Lachlan vs. Nutting/Oakray: 6-3 (W)
4.    Tom/Alex vs. Swan/Hays: 2-6 (L)
5.    Sam/Robert vs. Russell/C. Myers: 2-6 (L)
6.    Sam/Robert vs. Russell/L. Myers: 0-6 (L)
7.    Mecallen/Jaxon vs. Spurlock/Vincent: 2-6 (L)
8.    Avery/Tyler vs. Pettigrew/Dally: 6-4 (W)

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