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Forward Sheridan has recently been involved with the site selector/shovel ready efforts. So what is this?

Site selectors are engaged consultants that work, on behalf of corporations, to identify potential business locations.

This is a business of exception — they are looking to weed or cull potential sites on the first pass of evaluation. Culling is severe. The evaluation process is comprehensive around many factors for business operations.

Issues such as transportation, power, connectivity, workforce are all in the mix. Much of the initial survey is done via Internet so the effort to keep statistics current, accurate and complete is a high priority. Many of Sheridan’s statistics are found on Forward Sheridan, Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, Sheridan County and city of Sheridan websites.

Upon inquiry we can provide additional information that has been aggregated as part of our site selector preparation. These are employment numbers, key businesses, demographics, wages and other analytics.

This e-search also enables an avenue to describe some of the attributes such as education , healthcare and recreation. See for some more specific testimonials.

“Shovel ready” sounds like the community garden, but it is actually the developer term for the assessment of the status of a piece of property. Status is very clear.

Is the property described for sale, zoned and what are the site conditions. Thus “shovel ready” simply means that a business could purchase the property and begin excavation for foundations, etc. in a predictable and manageable time frame.

According to McCallum Sweeney representatives the time frame from a business deciding to expand to relocate to operation is around 12 to 18 months. Thus the discrimination of sites is severe and to hold up one has to be prepared.

The Hi-Tech Park located in the Wrench Ranch is ready. As the photo shows, our evaluators are physically looking at power and connectivity — this is the “trust and verify” portion of the evaluation.

As niche manufacturers are looking for places to do business, it is key that we leverage these efforts to tell our story and more importantly continue to upgrade the community information to support any business interests.


Jay Stender is the executive director of Forward Sheridan.

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