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Unnecessary expenses

Re: College bond

The electorate has spoken and the college bond issue was defeated. Whether rejoicing or being stunned, I believe that there was another factor besides higher taxes that may have played a part in the negative reaction to the proposal.

The somewhat lack of restraint and common sense by the decision-making parties has made an impression on those of us who vote.

For example, the purchase of Spear-O-Wigwam was a nice idea, but very impractical and unnecessary. The facility is old, requiring much repair and maintenance, and is not very accessible for about half of the year. That money could have been better used for the technical center. Perhaps it still could be if we unloaded Spear-O.

The Whitney building was unique, well built and relatively new, so why couldn’t some additions have been made to retain it without all the expense of the grand new building in its place?

Then there is the stone and concrete name structure in front of the Whitney building and trees that could have been kept. It was attractive. I understand that was built from donations, but it will cost money to move or replace. The same goes for the attractive wooden entrance that was torn down.

Hopefully we can have a technical center sometime in the future if better judgement is used and some grandiose ideas are put aside.


Vanna Schwamb



Right and wrong, rich or poor

Re: Our justice system


I’m sick and tired of the justice system we have. It needs to be fixed. I told my children I would love them right up to the time they’re executed if they ever committed a murder and they received the death penalty.

There is such a thing as right and wrong. I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown or green, rich or poor, or what nationality you are. I only see good and bad.

When they made the laws for murder it was the fox guarding the hen house. In other words it was lawyers writing the laws for taxpayers’ money to defend murderers.

They say it costs more to execute a murderer than to put him in prison for life. That is B.S. Look what Jesus Christ did in three days.

Take Maj. Hasan for example. That man should have been hung three days after killing 13 soldiers. The 85-year-old veteran beat to death by some punk. Those bad people in Oklahoma that shot the guy for the fun of it. They all should be hung in three days. If people know they are going to be hung in three days they wouldn’t be doing this crap.

But no — they know that they’ll go to prison. Three meals a day, TV and Internet service, go to the gym, work out, get big muscles and join a gang.

Prisons are overfull, get out in 10 years.

They get out feeling sorry for themselves and commit more crimes because society robbed them. They screwed up their own life because they don’t know right from wrong and I don’t feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for the victims’ families.

I know a lot of people that got into trouble as teenagers, but they didn’t continue down that path. That’s because back then jails weren’t a recreational center.

So people, you better start thinking about this at the local level. Lawyers shouldn’t be making the laws — they should be made by hard-working, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens that really want justice. The Federal Justice Department is only about (money) suing the states, not justice for all, but justice for some. The fox guarding the hen house.

Like I said, “Three days and they will meet God and justice will be served.”


Randal Good


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