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Jay Stender of Forward Sheridan has a good lineup of speakers coming to Sheridan for the third annual BioTech Conference. It’ll be Sept. 19-20 at the Sheridan College/Edward A. Whitney Academic Center.

Among the speakers: Dr. Eric Welch, director of Science & Technology, University of Illinois/Chicago and Barb Johnston, CEO & co-founder of HealthLinkNow.

Topics include: intellectual property, tele-health.

More than 60 people from Wyoming and other states will be coming to Sheridan for this important conference on what’s coming in the field of genetics and biotechnology.

Sponsors include: Forward Sheridan, First Interstate Bank, Neltje, Sheridan College, Ptolemy Data Systems, Wyoming Technology Business Center, Lathrop & Gage, LLP, Enhanced Capital, Mila & Jay Stender, Holly Hybrid, Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce.

Info and reservations: 307 673 8004; or,




College football’s big stuff, if you grew up in, or have lived in the South. Unlike their Yankee counterparts, Saturday afternoons in Tuscaloosa, Austin, Gainesville or Baton Rouge, are likened to church. Here’s the difference, writes a pal from Selma, Ala.

• Getting tickets:

If you live in the North: Five days before the game, you calmly walk up to the campus ticket office and buy all you want.

If you live in the South: Five months before the first game, you make a large financial contribution and put your name on a waiting list for tickets.

• Women’s Accessories

North: A Chap Stick in the back pocket; a $20 bill in the front.

South: Louis Vuitton duffel with two lipsticks, waterproof mascara, a pint of bourbon. Money is not necessary; that’s what the date is for.

• Heroes:

North: Rudy Guiliani

South: Archie Manning, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Herschel Walker.




Now and then I’m asked: what does a publisher do?

The glib answer, though often accurate, is: Hire well, and get out of way.

A good example was earlier this week. Last Friday night, our press motor crashed. Kaput. Spit the bit. Stuck Like Chuck.

So we called The Man in Denver to come fix. Not unlike the “Andy Griffith Show” episode where he repeatedly implores Aunt Bea: “Just call the man, Aunt Bea! Just call the man,” regarding her dysfunctional back porch meat freezer.

So, The Man came. And while the remedy was in process, our online news product unaffected, this terrific staff here set about to publish The Sheridan Press with modified deadlines and pressures, while printing with our friends and colleagues at the Gillette News Record for two days. It is always a race and everyone pulled together to meet a demanding readership.

We’re up and running on our own now, yet it’s a bona fide comfort to walk in each day and to breath the same atmosphere as this staff.






“Parenthood offers many lessons in patience and sacrifice. But ultimately, it is a lesson in humility. The very best thing about your life is a short stage in someone else’s story. And it is enough.”


—Michael Gerson, columnist/author/presidential speech writer, on the occasion of dropping off his son at college.

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