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SHERIDAN — Bob Simpson and his 10-year-old Golden retriever Bonny are regular riders on the Sheridan streets. For five years, Bonny has accompanied Bob on his trips around town in a Velorex sidecar attached to Bob’s Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster.

“Every time we left, we would kind of feel bad,” Simpson said on how Bonny began accompanying him and his wife on motorcycle rides. “So several years ago I found a sidecar in an airport hangar in Loveland and I found this Sportster in Denver. I got both of them at very good prices so I hauled them up here and Bonny got her bike.”

“She likes to go shopping, then we go on jaunts around, any place that allows dogs in is where I like to take her,” he added about their destinations. “Kirby (Saloon) allows dogs in and we get a bite to eat and then Crazy Woman in Dayton allows dogs. The Veterans of Foreign Wars is her adopted bar. They even keep treats there for her. When I go to the VFW, they don’t say ‘Hey Bob, how are you doing?’ they say ‘Where’s Bonny?’ They treat her like the queen she is.”


I took my first motorcycle ride when…I was 11. My dad was the tennis coach at Montana State and I got the job of cleaning the tennis courts. To sweeten the deal, he let me take his Cushman Husky at 5:30 a.m. I always took the long way home.

Bonny took her first motorcycle ride…about five years ago during Christmas right after I finished putting “her” bike together. She was a bit skeptical, but went and now loves it.

When folks see us on the road, the usual reaction is…laughing, pointing and positioning to take a picture with their phone. Whenever I go shopping I always find people stopped and visiting with her.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me…how does she stay put? Does she like it and what’s HIS name, even after I put “Bonny” on the sidecar for when people come up when I shop.

Safety first! To keep Bonny safe, I always make sure...she gets accessorized! Doggles, hat, harness and safety strap.

When we aren’t out on the motorcycle, Bonny and I can be “her” truck heading somewhere. She gets real put out when I can’t take her.

Our favorite place to go around Sheridan is…her favorite is the VFW. They provide her with doggy biscuits and the vets really enjoy her company. Other than that, it’s riding the open road…Wild Hogs er Dogs.

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