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Re: Tech Center vote Aug. 20

Although retired from Sheridan College, I continue to teach a few English classes. Last spring, I had a student who is quite remarkable. He is a veteran of two different wars, intelligent and genuinely cares for others. His goal was to get into the diesel tech program so that he could help his neighbors work on their farm equipment. This fine man was turned away because of the lack of space in the Tech Center. He is one of many well-qualified students whose dreams cannot come true at Sheridan College because of its small and outdated tech training facility.

To those who fret over two, three or four dollars a month in increased property tax, please consider what Sheridan College does for our county. Public records show it pays over $12 million in wages and great benefits each year. It spends $17 million in this area for operating expenses. Students from out of the area are estimated to add over $3 million to the local economy. Without Sheridan College, I wonder how high our property taxes would be and how diminished our quality of life might be?

My husband and I are voting “yes” and have found easy ways to save a few dollars a month to make up for the small increase in our property taxes. We gladly do this because we support opportunities through education for our friends and neighbors of all ages.


Kit and Patty Terry



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