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Re: Tech Center, Aug. 20


We must vote “NO” the 20th of August on the $15.85 million dollar bond issue for Sheridan College’s Tech Center.

• The projected pay out on the bond issue is based off the assessed value of Sheridan County staying the same or improving for the next 15 years. The bond issue is a loan that the taxpayers of Sheridan County are assuming. What happens when the assessed valuation declines? The assessed valuation of Sheridan County has been declining ever since the methane gas industry closed up shop. If the assessed valuation continues to decline the taxpayer will have to make up the shortfall. I as a taxpayer am sick and tired of government balancing their wants on the private business sector.

• If the project is such a good one, then why should we spend an additional $41,500 to hold a special election when we have a general election in November. The reason is very simple — the supporters of the bond issue don’t think they want to put two tax increase issues on the same ballot. The other being the $40 million Capital Facilities Tax. We all stand by as our elected officials slowly bleed us all to death with separate taxes that will only raise your tax burden by a few dollars a year. It all adds up!

• The majority of the leaders in the community who support this have spent their entire lives feeding at the public trough. None of them have ever owned or operated a business. They have never had to meet a payroll from dollars that they have generated themselves. Their paycheck is the same regardless of anything that happens in business. Those same leaders talk about Sheridan College growing at such a fantastic rate. Keep in mind that the increase is in our district that includes the Gillette campus. Yes, the facility would be fantastic and state of the art, but it won’t pay for itself. Nothing in government ever does.

• Democracies or republics have never survived for one reason. Once people realize they can vote themselves something out of the public treasury, you grow yourself to death.

Do go vote and vote against government growth!


Dana Kerns


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