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Re: SC Tech Center, Aug. 20

As a former member and chairman of the Sheridan College Board of Trustees, I feel the Aug. 20th bond election to expand and renovate our Tech Center is of profound importance of our community’s long-term financial future. In fact, this led me to agree to be the chairman of the citizens committee leading this grass-roots effort to support our college.

The Tech Center project, which is in the college’s master plan, is essential for many reasons. These three are worth mentioning.

• Sheridan College is currently turning away deserving students due to lack of space;

• Tech graduates can and do find jobs;

• Jobs are available in these industries, and indications are that there will be more in the future due to retirements and industry growth.

These make the cost of this project a wise investment in the future of all of the communities in Sheridan County. These types of programs will benefit both the county and our college. The passage of this bond issue will send a message of thanks and support to local foundations, and to the State of Wyoming for all they have done in the past. Additionally, it will encourage them to continue funding the college’s buildings and infrastructure.

Our voting “yes” for this project will also help to stabilize and diversify our economy, for today and in the foreseeable future. This is not just an investment in students, but also an investment in Sheridan’s future. I urge you to join me in ensuring that no students are turned away due to lack of space. I thank you, along with all of the future students.


Mark Kinner



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