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SHERIDAN — The Board of Adjustments for the city of Sheridan approved two variance requests focused on aligning houses with surrounding structures at its regularly scheduled meeting Thursday.

The first variance request was for a property at the corner of 16th and Demple streets. The property owners requested to tear down their current house and build a new structure that will be even with a shop they built 15 years ago, which will decrease the setback from the property line from 20 feet to nearly 7 feet. The house and shop will be approximately 25 feet from the curb on 16th Street.

The owners will remove a couple trees at the intersection, improving visibility, and will landscape the new house in such a way as to improve the property.

The second variance request was for a property in the 400 block of South Thurmond Street. The owners wanted to rebuild their house in line with the other houses in the neighborhood, which would require a 20-foot front yard setback instead of the required 25-foot setback. The variance was granted since it will increase the cohesive look and feel of the historic neighborhood.

In other business, City Planning and Development Director Robert Briggs updated board members on the legal proceedings of a project they approved last year that was contested by nearby residents.

The Residence Hill Bed and Breakfast at 450 S. Thurmond Street was first approved by the Board of Adjustments in spring 2011. Concerned neighbors appealed the decision to district court, and district court overturned the approval on procedural grounds related to the findings of fact, Briggs said.

The owners of the bed and breakfast received a second approval to open their business from the Board of Adjustments in spring 2012 in a contested case hearing. Nearby resident Tim Tarver appealed that decision to district court, and the district court judge affirmed the decision made by the board, Briggs said.

Tarver has now appealed the Board of Adjustments’ decision to the Wyoming State Supreme Court, Briggs said.

Residence Hill Bed and Breakfast will continue to operate while legal proceedings occur. It is located in an R-1 residential district, which allows bed and breakfasts on a case-by-case basis with a special exemption, similar to a conditional use permit in the county, Briggs said.

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