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Re: Say ‘no’ to fluoridation


Fluoride is a deadly poison. Fluoride is toxic to the body. It is corrosive to everything it touches, especially the skin.

It is not a lack of fluoride in a person’s body that causes tooth decay. It can be several factors, such as diet (too much sugar), genetics or lack of preventative maintenance (no brushing, no flossing, no routine dental visits).

We do not want fluoridated water in all aspects of our everyday life. It cannot be contained to simply drinking a few glasses of water daily. It will be ever present in our cooking (coffee, tea, juices, infant formulas, meals, etc.) and in our personal daily hygiene routines (showering, bathing, brushing, etc.). Skin is our largest organ and fluoride will be ever present to be absorbed. No matter how small the amount, it’s everywhere!

No two people consume the same amount of water daily so could some people get an over-exposure to fluoride unknowingly? What about body size and weight? Senior citizens and adults to teens to young children all receive the exact same dosage — a glass of water. There will be no allowance for age or weight like there is on other drug bottles.

How will fluoride affect all the prescription pills we take daily as a society? Thyroid medications, high blood pressure and high cholesterol pills, antidepressants, antibiotics, vitamins and allergy tablets, just to name a few!

No one can state 100 percent that there would be no harmful interaction or interference. So why do we want to take the chance with our children’s health, our parent’s well-being and our senior citizen’s quality of life? We do not! By the time a connection is made with our health issues, there will be no “do overs” for some people.

What about the effects on pregnant women? The fetus can’t escape to “safer water.” Do we want to take that chance with our unborn children and grandchildren? I am not saying that all of this would happen. I am saying “what if” these were some possible life scenarios. “What if” only one of these interactions came to pass. The fluoride would already be in the community’s water supply — there would be no getting away from it.

The solution to staying away from fluoridated water should not be that we have to purchase and install a costly osmosis system to filter out the poison.

The solution should be that any person who wants to ingest fluoride on a daily basis has the opportunity to get a prescription for fluoride pills from his dentist, doctor or pediatrician and then they can ingest it in the privacy of their own home — a true personal choice.


Vicki Nyback


By |August 9th, 2013|

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